URGENTE: Bitcoin Crashing! Devo vendere? [criptovaluta Prospettiva]

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The SEC cracks down on two ICOs, creating a template for future enforcement

The SEC cracks down on two ICOs, creating a template for future enforcement

Kraken and Huobi Assign BCH Ticker to Bitcoin Cash ABC

Kraken and Huobi Assign BCH Ticker to Bitcoin Cash ABC

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**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!

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URGENTE: Bitcoin Crashing! Devo vendere? [criptovaluta Prospettiva]

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  1. Remember if you sell for less than you bought you lose money, so just look at the price you bought, and also remember when people are fearful be greedy but when people are greedy be fearful

  2. I don’t get it if u r not selling how u r loosing money in my opinion u don’t loose until u sell

  3. Is it not obvious??? Craig Wright is selling off his crypto to fund hashing power to win the BCH war. He has a million BTC and will sell 20% of it. He warned us he would do it, even if it brought the BTC price down to $1000

  4. Bitcoin crashing should I sell…. Yes your house! So you can buy this dip! Come on..
    Never thought you would see it? No way… 70bil market cap was always on the cards. Celebrate this chance to buy! Hooray!

  5. In it for the long hodl. This is still early technology and expect high/lows. Try only to invest if you can afford to park your money. I’m still an believer!

  6. I appreciate your honesty and totally agree with your point of view; for me I will buy more every time Bitcoin drops $1000 then hold hold hold, IT’S GOING TO RETURN UP.

  7. I started watching the BTC markets closely in late 2013 with the run up over $1100 and the subsequent crash. I started buying in the bear market on the dips. The lowest it reached was about $150 and there was a blood in the streets moment. I kept on buying the dips because I believed in Bitcoin’s long term outlook and I have been holding some and diversifying into other coins and assets ever since. No matter how bad it seems now, it was worse then. Al tempo, lots of trolls and non visionaries came out of the woodwork telling people to get out because it is going to zero. They were so certain it was going to fail. IMO, the crypto space is far healthier now with big financial institutions getting into the game. io, for one, am in this thing for the long haul.

  8. +Terence Gould I am not patronising you. Why would I? You guys are seeing it from your perspective. I know people who lost 200K – 500K of profits. Imagine that for a second. You probably have lost pennies to a dollar in comparison.

    I see all these little crying bitches around me. Stop investing when you can’t handle these situations. I have seen this time and time again. RELAX!

  9. Yes but most investments, riserve, and even property are all the same way. Everything is a scheme then.

  10. +Xcs3_challenge Now you know why I don’t buy stocks, or any investments. They are all schemes. Properties is a scheme too especially with how the Government and Banks inflate the prices through their policies. However if you buy property just to live on, it’s not a scheme, it is a home. But if you buy properties in hopes of ripping off the next buyer, then yes, it’s a scheme to steal money from the next sucker.

    Always invest what you can afford to lose, but DON’T SELL or else you’ll regret it once it shoots up immensely to $7k, 15k or even $500k from $2k and you’ll miss the train for good! This is the best time to BUY crypto.
    Keep your ground. If your money is gone, it’s gone and accept the lost. Another lesson learned in life. The biggest losers are the ones that sell at the DIP!
    Might as well hold and hope for the best.
    Crypto is not the only one suffering, the Stock Market are along the hell ride too.
    I don’t know about them but I’m sticking with Crypto even if it bites the dust.
    Bakkt is coming on December 12th.
    There could be hope for crypto before the year ends.
    Remember the old famous quote:
    No pain. No gain.

  12. +Henry Goh It’s only the minority who buy and hold, the majority are weak hands and they sell in this kind of dips

  13. i bought in back in december to 250$ LTC. Tarted trading 2 months ago activly, i want more BTC to death with fiat!

  14. Hoping that the price will go up or down is no strategy. It’s a wishful thinking for those 98-99% of people who lose money in this game. Il resto 1-2% who actually make money consistently, are the ones who know about risk management.
    Anche, if you’re already quoting Buffett, remember what he told about never losing your money

  15. People panic because they actually bought high ,ex: u buy when it’s at 15000 btc hoping to see skyrocket from there but then falls to 5000 BTC ,it’s can go up to 10000 btc still a loss.

    So best time to buy I personally think is now

  16. I’ll like to add one thing: remember the moment Bitcoin peaked at around 20K? We had a blow off top. Emotions were at it’s peak, we had reached the stage of euphoria. In a bearmarket the same happens at the end. We peak really fast downwards ending in a blow off top.

    It’s just a ‘mirror effect’. How do you feel now? Are you in despair?

    Always check your emotions. That is one of the best ways to see where we are in the market. At 6K I still did not feel bad about the market, today is a whole other story. I see people who are angry, scared, giving up, being depressed, panicking..

    Guys, we are at the end of the bearmarket and soon enough we will go sideways. Next levels are 4000 – 3500 – 3000. I expect a bounce from these levels.


  17. Altcoin Daily people have been comparing this years chart with the 2014 bear market chart and we have followed it almost exactly, there will possibly be a bounce before we head down to around 2800 if we continue to follow it.

  18. +Tommy Moss Which he got when BTC forked to create BCH. I don’t know for sure, just speculating.

  19. Well i guess theit´s going to zeropeople are not far away right now. Bug i think you are right. It is always the same game in this market. You should buy the most at the most pessimistic point. There will be another hype generated someday.

  20. +Altcoin Daily Great, I guess I haven’t lost on my Enron and Northern Telecom shares then! Or Bitconnectnever sell your Bitconnect. Dammi una pausa!

  21. Very smart, this is the time to take advantage of buying more good coins by get rid of all junk.

  22. evodude919 YOU ARE A LIAR !!! Sad looser holding the bag from 15k or more ha ha ha ! If you have been buying from 150 livelli , now you will be millionaire hahaha and wasting time calming looser to hold ha ha ha ….

  23. +Andrew Huang zero would mean all those forgotten about accounts would be found and sold too which would be highly unlikely

  24. Stevie B agree totally bud. Get your bags full, then get on with your life, till you see a bull run in mainstream media


  26. +OfficialVanDyce dear Lord that was stupid. But learn who you listened to and try not to listen fools anymore

  27. sono d'accordo, bankers are getting into XRP, ill follow the bankers. I also think BTC will do very well in long term.

  28. +Danny Ratchev Danny, I don’t appreciate being called a loser. I doubt you would speak that way to me if we were face to face. When bitcoin went over $10k and $15k I took some profit as any sensible investor should. Nothing I said was a lie. The first Bitcoin I bought was at $590, the cheapest was at $150. I didn’t start buying until the fall of 2014 as the price was tanking and stopped buying in 2015.

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