UHX -Universal Health CoinChanging Healthcare With Blockchain

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The New Kids On The Blockchain chat to Dr Gordon Jones about UHX (Universal Health Coin) and how they are going to change the face of blockchain by utilising blockchain.

UHX | the Universal Health Coin and Exchange is “Reinventing Healthcare Delivery and Payment through Blockchain, AI, and Cryptocurrency” as a global decentralized health exchange and payment platform increasing the quality of healthcare while reducing the cost for UHX members. The UHX’s Cognitive Crypto Collaborative Care Platform (C4P) brings People, Providers, and Payers together rewarding and incentivizing behavior modification with the support of the UHX intelligent personal assistants (IPA).



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UHX -Universal Health CoinChanging Healthcare With Blockchain

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  1. anything that can improve US healthcare has to be good, they are so far behind the game it’s ridiculous

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