Tron’s FAKE PARTNERSHIP w/ Baidu? Plus Cardano & BAT Announcements!

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra!!

sì! Si sta andando piace questo video. Oggi vi voglio parlare di Bitcoin, Cardano, Tron, and Basic Attention Token.

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Did Tron Mislead Investors by Claiming Partnership with Baidu? Experts Weigh in

Cardano [ADA]’s Icarus ready for smooth adoption; IOHK confirm audit completion

Surprise AMA from Charles

Surprise AMA from Charles

BAT’s Brave browser released with complete Chrome extension compatibility and faster load time

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**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!

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Tron's FAKE PARTNERSHIP w/ Baidu? Plus Cardano & BAT Announcements!

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  1. No I believe you’re right on I sold all my tron and I’ll just invested into another project that has greater potential even if tron 100 X or even 10X I’m done with tron and I’m sure there’s many others that are too

  2. Perché…. at the current price of tron you’re giving up a lot of it goes for a bull rundon’t invest with your emotions

  3. I do not believe that Tron actually claimed it was Baidu. They didnt mention Baidu. A report on the web from atrusted sourcemeans nothing. Thats just a licence to say whatever you like without being sued. A trusted source said this was horses#it. see how it works

  4. Biggest hype coin I’ve ever seen. I remember when it totally crashed cause that Asian idiot was hyping up his upcoming stream and it turned out to be a big disappointment

  5. im happy with all the fud about tron i will laugh when tron hit 1 dollar even its scam like dash😋

  6. Tron doesn’t belong in the top 15, in fact it doesn’t belong in the top 100. Without Justin Sun’s constant tweets (pumps), Tron would already be out of the top 100. I’m wondering if people are really that dumb to believe Tron should be worth 1.5 miliardo, more than the GDP of many countries around the world, or they’re just picking up some easy money on a pump coin. Tron wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for their copied Ethereum code. It’s a shell of blockchain that does nothing and never will. Any other platform in Tron’s current state is worthless. Tron doesn’t have partnerships, it has misleading agreements and loose associations similar to the bspartnershipSun announced with Baidu.

  7. lo spero, that means I’ll get my $9 back that Ripple locks up with a minimum account of 20 XRP (not spendable) and dump that $17000ish profit into Ethereum Classic or Zcash, because they are solid and set for the future.

  8. Have any of you considered the fact that China is not on the same open market principles like the US. from my understanding government watches everything and anything on a larger scale is considered an acctual partnership considering Baidu has major government control. Considering all is under control would that socalled transaction not been reviewed first considering China’s tight grip on Crypto

  9. Misleading partnerships are like someone who’s been friend zoned and tells everyone that you’re dating

  10. Vero. this article was a little ambiguous, but I believe other articles have confirmed it.

  11. TRX’s overall metrics equal or exceed that of Ethereum, EOS, and Cardano _et al._
    How is that a hype coin, when they’re within the metrics pack?

  12. Tron TRX is 10% of my holdings, I bought with my standard 5 year hold plan, I watch the markets (maybe a bit too much) BUT I don’t jump about with every bit of good or bad news.
    If you buy a coin have a plan and stick to it!
    You can laugh at me if it crashes out, but I’ll stick to the plan.

  13. Still with you, good news about ADA and BAT. I have been investing in both. Not sure enough about TRON, I choose EOS above TRON a few months ago

  14. +S long I bought this coin right at ICO price and all this whole year was misleading information now I want to invest in to project that has good growth but as well as honesty integrity and Tron has only one of these my money is to support the growth of the digital movement I am not just in it for the $$ but the opportunity that make life better for all of us and the $$ will follow there are other projects out there

  15. +Altcoin Daily people have become followers, forgetting they are customers, forgetting they put money to a product. Like any review, it is healthy to criticize that product period too often people are zombies, blissfully ignorant, zealously defensive in a dream. People will sit there, smugly, and sayyou’ll see in 3 a 5 years.”- the same reasons to doubt it are the same reasons for it, how do you know?, and they really don’t. They’re just hopeful. However the doubter, has more concrete tangible evidence, namely its performance so far

  16. MetaMorph
    Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what’s the future of this. Grazie

  17. Altcoin Daily it’s marketing. He has everyone putting his brand at the front (including you) right or wrong your all advertizing for him for free

  18. +Michael York TRON is a geopolitical 4D Chess story. Justin Sun and Jack Ma are Chinese intelligence assets. Xi Jinping wants his people in placeand will pump as much Yuan as is necessary into TRON, NEO, Vechain, Alibaba, and Baidu _et al_ as is necessary to keep them viable cardboard cut-outs for the PRC dictators. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

  19. All the Chinese garbage platforms are eventually headed to zero. Tron has now been exposed as the complete pump fraud it is. Vechain is in the process of being exposed as a scam from people like Chico Crypto. NEO is so completely inept no company in their right mind will put their business at risk by building on it. If it’s out of China, it’s garbage. Even the smart cities being built in China are electing to go with Ethereum, not NEO. That should tell you what you need to know.

  20. +Michael York You obviously aren’t a political animal. You’re still babbling fundamentals. China is at war with the West. They control 70% of the BTC mining. Unless we move away from the BTC trap,. crypto is in for a world of hurt. Insert your parallel conversation, fundamentals-based comment here:

  21. Hey altcoin daily I love the channel! I’m new to crypto and have been watching every day for the great news you’ve been updating me with. I think it would be nice to see a video about the xrp lawsuits and how that could affect the company. I also think it would be interesting if someone would talk about the fact that 3 fuori da 5 financial advisors for the zrx coin are directly affiliated with Coinbase. Kinda makes me skeptical of the whole zrx project

  22. Uomo, you’ve come to the rescue yet again. I’m done with Tron. Too many times this guy just lies.

    Brave browser is awesome and I’m so glad to hear it now supports Chrome extensions. Here’s my concern though: how do you make it necessary for people to buy BAT?

    I use the browser now and they’re giving me BAT airdrops each month. I don’t see ads now on either Brave or Chrome with adblocker. I like the idea of tipping sites I visit often if it’s built in for me, but how many people are going to learn how to use crypto exchanges to buy BAT just so they can do that? How often do any of us even use the PayPal “donazione” button for freeware software across the internet, at least more than once for a given vendor. You donate maybe once to those projects you really love, then consider yourself paid up.

    How do they create ongoing demand for their token? Is it just the future of advertisers being willing to pay for people to opt in to see their adds, and they have to buy BAT to pay us with?

  23. That’s a lot of questions. And I agree they need to be answered. I guess the first step is to get as many people using the Brave Browser as they can so as to build up their daily active users. Then BAT can be more easily integrated in.

  24. Every Youtube channel lied. It is always the Coins made bad that could become a competitor of Bitcoin. Every Youtuber acts as if he knows something. Who speaks positively about a coin has this coin, who talks bad about the others but only tries to talk more to his coin.
    What the crypto market is about to lie and cheat everyone. Too bad that this is not punishable on the stock market, most would end up in jail.

  25. No Coin has a partnership are only ways of payment.
    All coins who brag to partnerships have only sold lies see Verge.
    The crypto market is scrap will neither replace fiat money nor viewed by anyone as a currency.

  26. I just talk about things that interest me. I make it very clear that everyone needs to make their own decisions. I can only make my own.

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