TRON MAKING POWER MOVES? Latest TRX news shows strength in the blockchain & crypto world!

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TRON MAKING POWER MOVES? Latest TRX news shows strength in the blockchain & crypto world!

31 Commenti

  1. I’ve been watching tron for almost a year now. Hands hown one of the best crypto’s out there.

  2. Tron is probably one if not the only Crypto that’s been making any significant progress and moves in the crypto space. Now why it’s still at 2.5 cents vs these other projects that are doing nothing and are at .50 e $1 is beyond me.. could it be the amount of supply? I have no clue what’s keeping the price down but I’m looking for .10 by end of year.

  3. Ellio thanks for the videos very informative ! I honestly don’t understand Tron genesis/super representatives, and I don’t agree with the Tron governance model.

  4. TRON has broken anyone’s expectation, fast, democratic, decentrata, cheap reliable, strong lead, strong marketing, many working dapps, Tron will be one of the biggest crypto in the long run.
    Haters are noobs with zero knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency
    I got rekt on TronBet, (highly addictive, and in the end you always lose) but at least will be getting payouts for the ANTE mined playing.
    Buy TRX now or regret forever !

  5. I don’t own any Tron, but it certainly is one of most talked about projects in the crypto-sphere!

  6. Its a little scary letting ourselves off the leash by removing the GR so early but this is what decentralization all about. Time to take off the governance training wheels.

  7. Tron could make some rounds of transactions every once in a while where they only process a small number of transactions that have a tiny fee, just to let the little guys in. They could call them Light Cycles. #badumbump

  8. Thanks Ellio. I can’t say with certainty, but it kinda sounds like voting the genesis members off would have no real effect, as they were a backup plan anyway. The scenario you described, regarding corruptible super representatives, remains the case, even with genesis reps in the mix, no? In altre parole, having a genesis rep exist, doesn’t in itself create any anti-corruption benefit.

  9. I thought tron was a shitcoin but I now realize that it is extremely undervalued given its market cap and its price is likely to explode in the next couple of years. What I like most about it as an investor is the massive community support and active development team. Tron is a screaming buy at the moment.

  10. Average Perch Look at Poppy, its more practical than Pundix, and merchants dont need to buy anything, just install the Poppy app on their Clover POS. And Poppy uses Tron and will have rewards plan

  11. +Arkadiusz Wojno tronscan
    Gaming is coming
    Gambling is in its infancy
    Network is fastest out there
    Compatible with ethereum, meaning it’s taking ground from under ethereum.. smart contracts
    Decentralized internet.
    Numerous future partners
    Project atlas.
    Ummm there is more all the time.

    There is a game coming soon (roughly 3.5 settimane) that is a shooter.. earn Tron while you play.

  12. +Average Perch xpos could be adapted to any crypto.. so include Tron.. unless Tron decides to do it’s own thing. But I hope both pundix and Tron both do well.

  13. It looks very intresting.. but they have also big major code problems, we will see if they can handle it. Im not a hater im just a bit skeptical.

  14. Bull or bear Tron just keeps doing their job. Thats how you do if you really want your products to get into the mass adoptions.

  15. +Arkadiusz Wojno You Sir are a bold faced liar. Their code is fine. Every code has glitches. Trons code is by far some of the best in the industryand very safe. Stop spreading lies.

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