Trinity Network Credit TNC is Lightning for NEOLong Term Hodl Altcoin 2018

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TNC Trinity Network Credit is like the lightning network for NEO's blockchain. Find out why we think it is a phenomenal utility token for a long-term hold.

You can pick up some WTC on Binance.

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NEGAZIONE: Questo non è consulenza finanziaria! All information has been gathered and presented in good faith. Invest at your own risk, and please do your own research.

Trinity Network Credit TNC is Lightning for NEOLong Term Hodl Altcoin 2018

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  1. Forgot to asked, still new to crypto currency but based on the growth potential, where could you see this coin in the next few years? Already know about the DYOR (do your own research) but just wanted your opinion on a possible price point. I think it could act similar to lightcoin so it could be a few dollars or more.

  2. dashadow231 coin price predictions are difficulty but trading volume on NEO transactions and transfers may one day eclipse that of Ethereumor at least approach where Ethereum is valued at Today. It’s very hard to make price predictions as Raiden network an Lightning network are both not yet life (the most easy comparables). The coin is at about $100 million mkt cap. If it’s processing 10% of NEO transactions in a year, with NEO reaching a 10 billion dollar market cap, I could see this price going 10x or more in the coming year- you are buying at close to ICO price still. That price increase is likely but still wildly speculative as we don’t know how much TNC will actually be used. Still a great piece of tech solving a very real problem (which is always valuable).

  3. I don’t like doing price predictions but this will certianly moon if it becomes the go-to scaling solution for all NEO-based projects.

  4. thanks for watching!! I love making these videos so it warms my heart that people are watching and enjoying 🙂

  5. thanks for watching!! yes definitely getting hyped for what this project could mean for NEO and investors in TNC. 🙂

  6. It will not go back to .20. Good luck with that! It was just released on the exchanges. There were no news on TNC until the past few days. With Devcon happening, @boxmining, @Suppoman & @Cryptobud all covering TNC, plus all the announcements that are about to come out, new exchanges etc… Its headed to $1 by next week and up from there! Get in guys…

  7. I meant in the month of February. There will be lots of news and videos on TNC between 2/3 sopra. All the people that went to DevCon will be reporting back to the masses. Just watch. I just bought a huge position on the recent dip. No brainer! HPB is even better now. The coin is growing so fast and is getting listed on Kucoin, feb 5th.

  8. BLACK HORSE 2018 start from march 2018 now very good time for shoping because soon price will incrase. In March thay plann trip to Europe to advertise project ,allone in crypto will now this token after march 2018

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