TOP CRYPTOS for the next Bull Run? My portfolio revealed!

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TOP CRYPTOS for the next Bull Run? My portfolio revealed!

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  1. 👍I actually am beginning to believe that ETH is getting some of their issues taken care of. The plasma solution appears to be working and that they will control dFI. Many are overlooking on the amount of ETH that is being locked up in various dAPPs and the constant reduction in supply over the next few years.

  2. Thank you for sharing your portfolio
    I hold most of them
    Keep with the great videos

  3. Hey my brother! I always get excited when I see a new Fudtv episode in the old box. Have a great day sir. 😀

  4. Love them all, dont hate any of them. If i was to renovering one IT world be BAT but ondt because im not interested in IT so much.

  5. Do not miss) Some of these days they opened one more round of ICO Telegram It is really standing coin! I advise everyone to have it in the investment portfolio! There will be many X-es)

  6. Holding a VeChain masternode so I’m biased, exciting news coming next week at the first VeChainThor summit in San Francisco stay tuned! 😉

  7. All in on ADA, VET, AVERE, CALDO, DLT, and BTC. Gonna buy EOS if there’s another huge dip as well

  8. Very good content. Always good to listen a knowledgeable person. What about LINK ?? Grazie

  9. i couldn’t bring myself to give many tips during the bear market, just everything was a guaranteed loss

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