Superiore 8 Cinese Altcoins!!! Sleeping Dragons!!

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
In light of recent news, I wanted to share with you 8 promising Chinese based altcoins/cryptocurrencies. Put these coins on your radar. As investors, you all should be considering that China will be able to build up its own blockchain based companies and make them successful.
The Coins I went over are:
1) NEO

***Just opinions. Do your own research. Hodl. Make Money.

Superiore 8 Cinese Altcoins!!! Sleeping Dragons!!

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  1. I like your videos,, your so underrated, you deserve way more subs. I can see your channel at 5k to 10k subs soon, keep up the great content. Gang gang

    I spend fiat…..😢
    This will be last BLACK FRIDAY FOR 2018….
    Keep with the great job
    Greetings From MACEDONIA
    In no time U will have 100k subscribers

  3. I got neo around 72 dollar hope its worth it lol.. just hoping it gets back to like 110-120$each

  4. Neo is a long-term hold for me! With this news from China it’s looking good.

  5. Altcoin Daily for sure also for short term lets say weeks its a good buy once btc goes up neo goes up more. Its always the same with alts so buy in the dip and then an easy 5-10% gain if not more

  6. Altcoin Daily the easiest gains are when u see the usd value drop on a coin and then check the btc value of that coin has to be dropped aswell if its around 5 %or more then I see it as a possible buy now even more since its been going down for a week or so been observing and don’t be to hasty wait the lowest dip then get btc and buy the alt. Often its a win trade after some days I guess thats the easiest way 🙂

  7. Ovviamente, nobody can predict that. So much can happen between now and whenever it gains adoption. For me personally, it is a bit risky. But with high risk comes high reward. If I invested, it would probably plan to hold it for years. There are a lot of positives things the company has going for it, ovviamente. We’ll see.

  8. If power is shifting from the west to the east these coin are not a bad gamble that can pay off. Everyone on YouTube is basis their opinions on western coins, never really giving eastern coins and it’s markets any consideration. Good vid

  9. Since you’re looking at Chinese projects can you do a review of Coinmeet $MEE. Seems very interesting to me. The Chinese are ahead of the game.

  10. You should do a daily live stream. Your channel will blow up.
    Build it and they will come. I subbed and smashed the bell.
    Great intelligent info.

  11. Altcoin giornaliera
    Enable Live Video, And Accept The Terms Of Service. Select “My Channel” on the left side of the screen. ClickGet Startedto enable Live Streaming on your YouTube account. Once you have accepted the YouTube Terms and Conditions your account will be set up to stream live.

  12. China government is controlling everything! These Chinese coins are not decentralized and China gov’t is monitoring all your transactions! Anche, there is a Global Taxation System in China!

  13. video eccellente!! I believe in Chinese market investment and that’s why my 30%invest is in these coins. I have all of them except IOT.

  14. Many thanks my friend. I have just found this channel and you seem to be one of a few to see that China will look at its own .
    Looking forward to hearing more from youlittle dragon’.

  15. i am looking to expand my bags, gonna check nebulus out.. thanks and i subscribed.. blessings from the little bag lady.

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