SUPERIORE 6 LOW CAP ALTCOIN BUYS!!! Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Q4 2018! [novembre 2018]

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra!!

sì! Si sta andando piace questo video. Today I want to clue you in to some top LOW CAP altcoins that I think are very promising.


Genesis Vision

Token Pay



5 Blockchain Projects Revolutionizing the Supply Chain Management Industry

3 Reasons Why I Like NULS

3 Reasons Why I Like NULS!!! [Cryptocurrency/Altcoin Review]

Sei d'accordo con il mio ragionamento? Dammi i tuoi pensieri?


Piace. sottoscrivi.

#TopAltcoins #GenesisVision #TokenPay

**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!

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SUPERIORE 6 LOW CAP ALTCOIN BUYS!!! Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Q4 2018! [novembre 2018]

52 Commenti

  1. Banyan Networksuper low cap, very strong team and partnerships, briliant idea, no competitors yet, already have 2 paying customers for their product

    ApexChinapex is its mother company, wich is in top 50 companies in China. Already have hundreds of customers like, Hilton, Maserati, Starbucks and many other big names. They are providin services like AI and BigData for them and now they will start offering blockchain solutions for them, thats why Apex was created. Very good staking metrics too

    IoT catena, CPChainIOTAs of China

    Constellation (DAG) – superior tech, very strong team, members of Hyperledger

    BluzelleDecentralized Database, Like Oracle on the blockchain

    Republic Protocoldarkpool, but protocol so peaople can build OTC like exchanges on top of that,you can run a darknode wich potentionaly can be very profitablr

    SONM – Golem type project, already working product

    energia – maybe little bit risky investment, but creator is Tommy World Power, very reputable youtuber in crypto space, so the project is legit, and their masternodes could be very profitable if they succeed

    Gentarium, GINcoinplatforms for hostinf masternodes, very cool idea, you can also take part in shared masternodes, so people can put coins together to afford expensive masternodes like Pivx or Dash etc.

  2. Tokenpay is the best project In Crypto. Do the research and tell me that haven’t done more then any other project in 8 mesi. By June 2019 there won’t be one soul that don’t know about Tokenpay.

  3. I just looked up htmlcoin. I’m a developer, so I can give more insight. It looks like it is all written in javascript. They are advertising the improvements over bitcoin and eth, and they do both concepts. I kind of figured they would have written a lot of code html5 or something, not sure how that would even be possible though, so the name is misleading. Looks easy to develop in though, kind of a good concept. They should absolutely change the name to JSCOIN, would make more sense. If they can change their name to something that makes more sense and start making deals, they have something. Until then, would be hard to see them going anywhere.

  4. E-ISME Hello! It’s great that you brought it to discussion. I’m the tech lead for HTMLCOIN. in primo luogo, the Blockchain behind it is called AltHash, so you may bump into that name a few times.
    We are currently working on a new version of our website so maybe that wasn’t the best timing for us to show up on your channel :(. I say that because there’s a lot happening on the development side that is not reflected on our current website (social networks are up to date though). We have released the AltHash Web Platform (, which is our hub for DAPP deployment. Through the platform, AltHash DAPPs have a web front-end that communicates directly to the Blockchain through our API. Currently we have two use cases in there, and one worth mentioning is “myOffspring” (, which allows the registration of newborns and the generation of digital birth certificates. That is the basis for our current developments in the Health space. We have signed a partnership agreement with a NGO in the Philippines for the adoption of our solutions on Health Records space.
    We have many other projects going ahead on the platform, with a few community-developed DAPPs about to be deployed as well.
    As we still work on our new website, the best places to look for info are our twitter account: and our Telegram channel:

    I didn’t want to be too long here, sorry about it.

    If there are any further questions or comments, please let me know!

  5. Great review ! TokenPay going to big boom..ICO price was .003BTC now 21K Sat….
    Going to bag more for POS stack rewartds. also get more efin

  6. HYDRO: A very under the radar coin with a great working product in my opinion. They are a kind of the fintech blockchain.

    Hydro is an entire decentralized ecosystem for financial services. It consists of proprietary smart contracts, libraries, APIs, apps, a dApp store, and the HYDRO token. It is free for businesses to implement and free for consumers to use. Hydro can be instantly connected to existing financial applications, to add the important security and transparency that comes with decentralization, or be an integral part of the next generation of fintech apps from the start.

  7. Tokenpay!
    They have a banking deal.
    There own tokenbet platform.
    Casino platform.
    A deal with bitcoin romania over more then thousands atm’s.
    Etc etc

  8. You should review the holochain code. Also supports java script. Insane code. In my opinion top 5 coin in a few yrs. Ignore the supply right now. It is irrelevant. Supply will be breathable and asset backed by cpu power. First of its kind mutual credit ccy in crypto and rumoured to be partnering with mozilla soon. The mother of all strategic partnerships in crypto

  9. You need to checkout the hidden low cap gem CargoX. They got a real use case in using blockchain to streamline the efficiency of Bill of lading within the shipping industry. They have a live working platform and real partnerships.

  10. Energi is a coin comparable to DASH or PIVX the main difference is the self-funding feature, what should allow further developments in tech, mass adoption and other aspects, and with an active community. Energi could have the potetal to carry out at leat partly its goals, but only future will tell it.

  11. Hallo Austin. From Supply chains i invested you mention #TRAC and one of the best is #INS and #AMB from the low cap. Another coins with huge potential is #XHV Haven protocol from private i also invest in #LOKI #NIX #ANON (they have great dev team and focus to be in top10like Monero or Dash). Another great potential with big community support is #TRTL and i am also excited of future of #XTLvery interesting project. Thanks for your response.

  12. Great video Thank you
    My favorite Nuls and Origin Trail ….GVT
    Next low cap maybe BBN ..
    Keep with video like this
    I can see your subscriptions getting up
    Respect from Macedonia

  13. I like GVT for reasons explained but for the working man living paycheck to paycheck this Altcoin’s price is out of reach at 11.50 a unit.

  14. I really love your channel and the information that you provide. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites. Keep up the great work.

    A small cap coin that I am watching, is Propy (PRO), a global property store with decentralized title registry.

  15. This is one of the best crypto videos I’ve seen in the last few months. Quick review of low cap coins is smart. Please make more content like this

  16. The video was informative. If this was one of the best videos you’ve seen the few months then you either don’t watch much Youtube or you watch a lot of shite videos!

  17. I am agree with these 3 coins Nuls, Original trail, Token Pay thanks a lot for your valuable info….

  18. Exactly, some of these coins need better names.
    Byteball bytes is another good coin, if they just changed that damn name ppl would take the project more seriously lmao.

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