Superiore 5 Altcoin Upcoming MainNet Launches [Oyster Pearls, Tron, EOS, Vechain, Ontologia]

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
The cryptocurrency market is still in a bullish dip so let's take this opportunity to analyze some interesting projects that will be releasing their MainNet versions in the next weeks. We are talking about Oyster Pearls (PRL), Tron (TRX), EOS, VeChain (AMICO), and Ontology (AVERE).

Enjoy the video. I think it has a lot of value.

Piace. sottoscrivi.

*Not financial advice. proprio opinione. Do your own research. This stuff just works for me.

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Superiore 5 Altcoin Upcoming MainNet Launches [Oyster Pearls, Tron, EOS, Vechain, Ontologia]

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  1. Primo!! Good morning bro! Def an informative vid this a.m. I just hope for everyone holding these tokens now, that the switchout goes smoothly and without incident. Isnt omisego launching soon too? I know i am going to regret not owning the coins u covered today. Im just not feeling them, or i think what little money i do have invested in the market lies with what i feel are stronger projects. Good luck everyone, i do hope you make a killing though!!

  2. PRL is a great project. Other mainnet launches include NULS, TRAC, HPB, FSN (testnet in May, mainnet in June), CS, ENG, TKY.

  3. eos and tron will sell off and dump on mainet launch(may30th) and everyone will pick between vechain(june30th) and ontology(somewhereinjune) but since ont has not confirmed mainnet launch date vechain will be the receive more volume and also sunny lu is a very smart guy watch his videos

  4. Nadish Obeyesekere Eos might sell off in the short term, but they will see massive gains over they years. Imo

  5. Along with Cryptos r Us and Crypto Lark , you sir, are my new fave Tube dude. Excellent. Concise. 🤟🏻👊

  6. I’m already on these picks but thanks for keeping us informed. I’m subscribing your channel. Keep us updated

  7. Zach H Morning! Grazie per l'input. Not sure about OMG, I’ll have to check. Hopefully we do a video about a coin you are invested into soon

  8. daspay launching in June 31st can be used in any card terminal in the world supposedly. and das33 will be kicking off around the same time.. would be cool to get your opinion and non bias. there doing fantastic things but it’s what they are saying no info from the outside looking in.

  9. your right eos is a top long term hold , im only talking about the month of june where there will be alot of profit taking for eos and tron and those profit takers will see vechain and ontology as best options for the next pump like we saw with eos and tron where they peaked the chart at the start of may

  10. Hey Austin! Another great video update from you man! I must say that I really liked your video about DeepOnion. I have small bags of oyster pearls and tron coins. I really believe that they have bright future. But still I’m waiting to see TASH token review, I love traveling and I adore crypto so I definitely love smart trip project. Looking forward to it. Cheers Austin! 🙂

  11. TRON could be the be-all/to end-all in the crypto universeand it might double in few months?

    Wow. What a buzz kill. Sheesh.

  12. Just MeMe Yes. End of June is the mainnet launch. Vechain is working on a mobile wallet app for the swap and you’re safe to keep it on your MEW and Binance will support the swap. 1 VEN will be come 100 VET. If you have 100 Ven it’ll become 10,000 Vet which will earn 4.32 Vetho coins per day.

  13. I just watched your $3 price prediction video. Seems like if the Jack Ma thing happens, $3 is very do-able. Ripple’s circulating supply isn’t much lower than Tron’s and it shot past $3 recently. Didn’t know Tron was also targeting gaming. Are there any articles estimating the size/dates of the Tron coin burns?

  14. Vechain will provide further instructions as we get close to mainnet launchnso be on the look out. Vechain is an awesome crypto.

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  16. Ehmmmain net is old news. Are you sure its gonna dump? Because partnerships do get dumped on release date. But main net is is old news that everybody knows.

  17. You should’ve added SONM (crypto mainnet in June and general purpose net in August) but your list isn’t too bad either

  18. Nice vidI don’t think EOS was ever on the ETH blockchainthey just use their ERC20 tokens until launch.

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