Tempo di comprare bitcoin? l'incidente crypto ha trovato il suo fondo? ETH OIC BTC BCH

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Tempo di comprare bitcoin? l'incidente crypto ha trovato il suo fondo? ETH OIC BTC BCH

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  1. grazie tizio, I really needed to hear this. Your message came at a perfect time for me. I have been in this space for quite a long time but have to admit recently I have been dragged down by present events and conditions. Your perspective is appreciated! Go FUD TV! 🙂

  2. sono d'accordo! You list many good points as to why BTC will trend lower; and if one of those many events happens, hitting Low 3k BTC (if not lower) will happen. Io sono 50% in 50% e 50% in fiat just in case the market doesnt follow the heard.

  3. i agree with your analysis, but to be honest I fomo-ed in 13th of Nov thinking that it was near if not the bottom and it wasn’t

  4. Tipo…buy the dip is never deadit’s THE BEST way to dollar cost average. I’ve been buying the bear market dips. The more it goes down, the more fiat you put inI’ll tell you what doesn’t workreading mainstream article trading advice. If you’re a day trader then buying the dip in a bear market doesn’t workbut if you’re a HODLer like most of us are, then it ALWAYS works.

  5. Thanks for telling it like it isI had not considered many of these factorsproceeding with discretion! Until things get better, HODL in this pineapple market.

  6. Could be true or not i mean if we break 4.2 k all support is gone until 4-3.8 (weak) 3.5-.36(strong) 3.1k huge support soo it all depends on the break not of a bounce to 5k but above 6k otherwise could be a dead cat bounce

  7. buy the dipis a trading strategy for bull markets. HODLing is notbuying the dip” – it’s important that people understand the difference IMHO

  8. name one single reason why the price should go up right now. I’ll wait! I’m just explaining my thought process, trying to get everyone to save their bets for more ideal times. I said it repeatedly before we broke 5K and I’ll keep saying it until we (più probabilmente) break 4K. As for 3K, chissà, we may never break that level, ma poi di nuovo, we may.

  9. +FUD TV yup agree on it , we realy dont have any direction right now 3k is for sure hard to break (if we get that low ) 6 k same issue so could be hard next 3-4 months unless we see one of them hit and bounce or break ..

  10. i heard xrp is going to $589 which would make it only around $24 trillion market cap. i think i’ll sell all my bits and bye xrp cause at 40 cents i can make a million dolar

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