Tim Draper Interview: Is There Room For So Many Altcoins?? [criptovaluta | Bitcoin Notizie]

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Di mercoledì, Tim Draper, the legendary billionaire tech investor and co-founder of VC firm DFJ, was interviewed by Adryenn Ashley as part of the "Future of Money" online crypto summit. We go over some of the more interesting comments made by Tim during this interview.

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Tim Draper Interview: Is There Room For So Many Altcoins?? [criptovaluta | Bitcoin Notizie]

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  1. Good video. Im curious on your thoughts about Electra coin (ECA) and Daps coin (Called Peepcoin atm still). Greetings from The Netherlands!

  2. Hahaha, nice one! 😀 Yeah that’s an interesting question, and subject. Definitely wise thoughts. Thanks for sharing it with us.:)

  3. Part of me really wants at least 50% of altcoins to disappear. I want more gains on the projects with real world use cases. I feel the redundancy of the industry involving so much variety is a real turn off to big money. It’s seen as a pump and dump at first glance by alot of retail investors as well. I feel proper guidance and regulation that can be seen as an example for other countries to follow would be great. The obvious scams that alot of coins present to the wary investor is such a red flag mockery on display. Competition is healthy, but too much competition has a dilluting effect. Please SEC! I know you’re really only for protecting big money, but balancing rules without stifling innovation is paramount! Tighten up and hurry up!

  4. Smooth Operator 100% with you,and people need to understand the difference between price and valuetrue in any investments!

  5. Deez Nutz Agreed,based on their report to congress which I readit seems like they want to encourage innovations in the spaceso they do understand its importance as an industry,but they got to come out with the regulations asap,so the big boys can come and play

  6. Vanguardas Vucava just doing a ‘pattern interuptand breaking up the monotony. Plus preparing for next Halloween.

  7. Love your channel guys it’s always a pleasure. Now I’m just an average joe investing in Altcoins with no technical or monetary background but I do wonder about where we are going with Bitcoin. How can Bitcoin eventually rise to being the accepted global currency when a majority of it (I don’t know how much) is owned and controlled by Bitcoin whales? I can’t see how governments will come to this party or how we will reach stability with this currency that can be manipulated at will by a few. Am I missing something here? I’d appreciate your’s and anyone else’s take on this. Thanks for the video’s guys and keep it coming.

  8. Russell Falcon appreciate you. Right now it can be manipulated because we are so early to the party that few people are using it. Once we get mass adoption (probably in 10 anni) it will be more stable. Imo.

  9. Altcoin Daily thanks for the reply. Yes that makes sense for stability but I guess the accumulator’s will keep accumulating anyway and it’s up to everyone else to buy from the whales. I don’t have any Bitcoin but may have to look in to it.

  10. Bel video! Betting on all the altcoins (diversifying) will be a full time job year after year and just like poker it will eat most “gli investitori” alive. It’s too consuming even for a young person. Think taxes, airdrops, day trading, portafogli, notizia… Isn’t it easier to just hodl Bitcoin? You can be sure that all the crypto projects need Bitcoin (or exchanging value) just like all the organs of an organism need blood. If we can draw such a parallel with a living organism, then BTC dominance will fall from 38% to about 10% since an average person weighing 60kg has 5-6 kg blood. So most investors can do without the stress of researching all the new hot crypto projects, bury the ones that didn’t make it, do complicated taxes, and supposedly make another 3.8x extra (38%/10%). After full adoption the crypto market will grow about 250x (that is 86T/340B). BTC is a King for a reason. My point is, if the average Joe makes 250x just hodling BTC for about 10 anni, why would he need more?? A lot of assumptions, lo so. The institutional money are fomoing over BTC and ETH for that reason. Does anyone think they didn’t hear about their slow transaction times?

  11. Peter Petrov valid points. And an interesting metaphor. I agree Bitcoin will be King for minimum the next 5 anni. Probably more. And you’re right. Cant go wrong with Bitcoin.

  12. Very interesting! Very good video! Very creepy intro! Like the variety: Your channel deserves to grow. Thanks for the video and keep up the good work brothers.

  13. Ciao, Could you analyze a new Spanish project that is being quite successful called Bitone Network whose presale is on July 31? It seems that its goal is to link bitcoin with the rest of the blockchain and allow its interoperability, it can be a big thing. Grazie.

  14. Very smart insight about altcoins. Fiduciosamente, the more ICO’s that are coming out such as fr8network, blockshipping, and cargocoin can deliver on their promise for logistics in shipping so they can develop into good tokens for real world usage.

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