Tre modi per confermare un toro Bitcoin eseguito nessuno sta parlando di? Litecoin alla luna?

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Tre modi per confermare un toro Bitcoin eseguito nessuno sta parlando di? Litecoin alla luna?

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  1. does the guy sound quiet or is it my speakers? Got it on full whack and can barely hear him

  2. Wow. Some may think that LTC has been extremely oversold. però, this video could have touched on LTC’s halving upcoming in August. Not to mention potential partnership with WEG Bank / LTC core V1.7 update which is expected to lower fees (even more) / Mimblewimble (privacy fungeability) / lightning network compatability and most importantly…adozione.

  3. Hey Elliot! Hey Krown! Great vid, fellas.
    I made a ballzy move last week and moved almost 1/2 of my portfolio into BNB. Sofar, it’s a move that has paid off. I did not want to sell the tokens that I did, but like krown said, BNB is doing the opposite of everything else. I have every intention of buying those tokens back, hopefully with BNB profits….

    ON another note, howsaboot an update on TronChat? How is that moving along?

  4. Love krown! Always very informative as well as knowledgable! Streams on the daily.

  5. He’s been changing his setup around. Added a soundboard to spice up his stream haha. You’ll have to tune in and check it out.

  6. Bear trend either ended in December at 3150 or its still going, only two possiblities

  7. Great insight E !! You keep Krown focused and on point. Always a great job interviewing intelligent guests.

  8. GREAT video, Elliot!! I always learn Something from your videos, and this one was no exception! Sig. Krown is a brilliant young man. I have never looked at trading as he does. I love learning new strategies, and this guy just rocked my world. I just followed his channel. Keep doing great work! I am more than happy to be a part of the FUD Nation! Pace, my friend

  9. Gosh I really hope what he’s saying is true. I would like to have at least another year of accumulation before the market takes off again

  10. +Krown’s Crypto Cave Dude… 100%. You are a rock star in this space. You taught me more in 30 minuti, than I have learned in the last 15 months of crypto trading! Thank you for your wisdom. I’m a fan!

  11. Krown either needs a better microphone or turn up his volume. Can barely hear him.

  12. Leave the space imediately man because ure gonna end up poor soon with this knowledge 🙂

  13. i’m so confused right now . i thought they were some kind of object shaped like an erect penis used for sexual stimulation.

  14. Well that would suggest the opposite as the signature you would typically look for is not present

  15. +Shiva Shanker to give you an idea it takes about an hour to explain which I have on video on my channel under the long term analysis playlist do typing it here is a little difficult!

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