Verrà avviata la prossima corsa dei tori? ETH Hardfork Aggiornamento! Altcoin alla luna prossima? ICX ONT ENJ

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Verrà avviata la prossima corsa dei tori? ETH Hardfork Aggiornamento! Altcoin alla luna prossima? ICX ONT ENJ

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  1. In my opinion hyperwave does not apply to currencies. The adoption curve is more relevant to what we are currently facing. Time carries more weight than price and we are currently past the time frame.

  2. I disagree. HODL is the best strategy. 90% of people who time the market lose. If you do not believe you can beat the top traders it is not a good idea to trade. Every single person that was a holder in btc for 3-5 years was a winner. There is a huge difference between investors and speculators.

  3. I would not worry about the exchanges creating paper btc because it is offset by the increase in currency supply through stablecoins. Those who trade leverage on either side will create the volatility we see historically in the btc price. We are in the transition period where people in this space may know how btc works, but they do not understand the magnitude of what has been invented. Soon the emotional attachment to the dollar will subside and you will not be able to see a difference in value on a psychological level.

  4. You guys are missing Tone Vays :)) , kidding aside very good video with level headed individuals

  5. Il telegramma-token farà X50-X100! Io consiglio a tutti voi di acquistarlo, mentre il corso è buono

  6. Mark my words! In a couple of years the TELEGRAM -token will be on the 1-st place in the rating of cryptocurrencies! Coins on their ICO were sorted for a couple of days on

  7. it s all hodling if you want to sell it eventually. it doesn t matter how you label accumulation.

  8. XRP Army explained. I’m part of any crypto army that will make me money. Yet to be seen, but the potential use case for XRP is enormous. Even if they capture 5% of the bank to bank transfer market this will be a grand slam. If you want a big company, solve a big problem. And they are attempting to solve a big problem. They are not there yet, but if they were you couldn’t buy in at $.32. Time will tell but I’m hopeful for good reasons. Solid technology. Strategic partnerships. Real world use cases. Good marketing. Who else can say all that? There are other good alts but Not many have all this going for them.

  9. Thank you for the time and efforts!
    Elliot, you’re not only a great Youtuber and interviewer but also a very good team player. Yishar Koach 👊🏼

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