This Will Change Your Mind On Bitcoin. MASSIVE Amounts of Money Pouring In! Plus FedNow Coin

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Dow plunges by nearly 3% after China devalues its currency

A crypto expert explains why bitcoin is a good hedge against global turmoil

A crypto expert explains why bitcoin is a good hedge against global turmoil

Mastercard Is Building a Team to Develop Crypto

Mastercard Is Building a Team to Develop Crypto, Wallet Projects

Retail Giant Walmart Eyes Entry Into World of Cryptocurrency

US Federal Reserve Launching Payment System

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This Will Change Your Mind On Bitcoin. MASSIVE Amounts of Money Pouring In! Plus FedNow Coin

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54 Commenti

  1. That was awesome. 1/3 of my net worth is in PM’s and Cryptos. Having everything in FIAT, even if in different buckets isn’t being diversified.

  2. Bet Kevin OLeary has more than 50% in stocks (Pomp didn’t ask him about individual stocks). Thanks for the vid!

  3. Hey Austinlike smashed. Good vid again dude. Keep at it with Alts = garbage and BTC is king. Although it’s kinda counter intuitive to the channel name it doesn’t matter.

  4. ‘Ol Kev aint havin it…. he couldnt WAIT to drop his next comment to the point that he was speaking right over that point

  5. Altcoin Daily look at my 2 comments with links in. CNBC are mentioning BTC so much now.

  6. @Yurboiisilly2 . Infine, any coin not in the top 10, maybe top 15 will bite the dust. Institutional money moves the market now. And the big boys only play in the top 10, maybe top 15. So unless digibyte makes it’s way up the rankings, it’s gonna fail.

  7. Bitcoin exposure to sheeples has just started, next 2 years will be interesting for bitcoin.

  8. It’s not enough to buy bitcoin, you should also trade your bitcoin with a good and reliable trading platform to start earning huge profit, I have been investing my bitcoins with Hypercoin Trade platform http://WWW.HYPERCOINTRADE.LTD , I have really achieved so much with the platform.

  9. How much of your networth is in stocks?

    In anyone one stock never more then 5%

    Nice way to dodge the question. this guy should be a politician

  10. Im about 75% all in on crypto, rocket time baby!!! U cant name a better asset with more return then my December ltc position

  11. 80% of my worth is in bitcoin, 10% silver, 10% fiat.
    Io sono un “baby boomerwho gets it. I sold my home, live in a mobile home and travel thru Europe waiting for the “sistema” to collapse at it has to and will do. The crime against humanity by central banks and governments is very real and you need to adapt to survive this world wide event in my humble opinion.

  12. If you don’t believe in bitcoin, you’re essentially saying you don’t believe in cryptography”.

    99.9% of the world: WTAF is cryptography?

  13. DGB is a sleeping giant project in progress! In 3-5 years could make us really happy! Keeping buying. Other coin that could be a long run investment is KIN after the sec being defeated!

  14. Don’t be so blind, there is math in everything, but the Bitcoin protocol is not only math but algorithms written by humans and humans make mistakes, don’t forget that. There is math in casino games too, this doesn’t make them good, only because there is math and cryptography.

  15. You can’t expect any Alt coin to succeed if Bitcoin doesn’t succeed first – Charlie Lee 2017

  16. As Europe is slipping into the earths pits, good choice. By the way if the economy collapses no one will want the internet anything, because electricity will be either to expensive or gone. We would go back to sticks and stones. In bocca al lupo.

  17. The thing everyone seems to be missing is that 50% of net worth in BTC could have started as10% a few years back, without putting any more money in it.

  18. Well then DU3L CITIZ3N, please explain what it is that backs crypto, other than the belief that it’s value will increase?

  19. You’re a bit confused DU3L CITIZ3N, on what the term fiat means in terms of currency. The term fiat is not mutually exclusive to Central Banks or governments. While many do and have espoused the virtues of crypto, no one knowledgeable of crypto currencies denies that it is in fact, fiat. It’s obvious that you’re a proponent and that’s all well and good, but knowing what they are and what they aren’t would better lend to your credibility

  20. @Nick Sharma , If you like to travel and you needed a job, as a teacher , you can always apply to international schools. They have all over the world. My suggestion is, there is big bucks in the Middle East . Worked there for 5 anni, have a pile of savings, invest in properties, 5 years from now. Earned rental income then travelled. The other way , is to get an internet job, that you can based anywhere. Another way, to apply for teaching job, in different country. Countries that will hire is Middle East and Asia.

  21. Pomp doesn’t think having %50+ in stocks is bad, he just thinks %50+ in bitcoin is good

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    I’m not asking for an extreme amount nor do I want an extreme amount I hope someone understands my situation to help me . One
    to five dollars is enough for me. If you choose to donate, I really appreciate you and your generosity thank you .

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  23. I just took out a loan of $80,000 and invested it in Bitcoin. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Bitcoin is about to pass it’s all time high.

  24. Adam Bileckski Elastos? Wtf is that shitcoin. Anyways its going to 0. Only bitcoin eth will survive

  25. imagine when 85% of the world DOESNT know about crypto. We will be flying by then. 150x more.

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