This Might Change Your Mind on XRP | CNN Spotlight on Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse

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Ripple CEO to CNN: ‘We Are the Most Interested Party’ in XRP’s Success

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This Might Change Your Mind on XRP | CNN Spotlight on Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse

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62 Commenti

  1. Research DigiByte, ragazzi. It was never an ICO, it’s way more decentralized, sicuro & faster than Bitcoin. No CEO and no premine. We have an active community on Twitter if you have any questions 🙂

  2. You do t see it being adopted, you really haven’t been paying attention have you? Ripple has much of the banking and government systems on board with using their ledge program, once the signal has been sent to switch over and use the system, the use of xrp rockets and so will the price.

  3. If you want to understand the true value of ripple and XRP you need to go see Sam I am videos also known as green eggs and ham on Twitter

  4. With Brad answering, “that’s basically correct”, in response to her OTC questionthat isn’t unusual to me. I’m sure there’s some nuances to the deal that aren’t that cut and dry as she described. These kinds of interviews aren’t the appropriate setting to get into the nitty-gritty of things. I’m not concerned with his answer. Regarding the interview as a whole, there was nothing said that those in the XRP community didn’t already know

  5. You xrp guys are delusional. Ripple Labs and it’s CEO have way over 50% of the tokens. If you put your hard earned money into it, it actually means you’re just enriching them. And then they can dump their xrp and you will be left with nothing while they are making billions. The former CEO of Ripple became the 9th richest person on earth during the 2017/2018 bubble. You are literally giving your money to those people in hopes that they won’t sell it and make easy money.

    Ripple is not the only crypto that has such a shady token distribution. A lot of other cryptos want a piece of the cake too. Therefore only invest in truly decentralized cryptocurrencies.

  6. Ripple went to regulators from the beginning. that is valuable because eventually there will be more government control on everything !

  7. Imagine a text message takes 10min to send
    A phone call or e mail takes 10 min to make or send.
    Sending money in 10 min will also be fround upon. I don’t understand how the maxis don’t make get it ?

  8. @Robert Stark Are you dumb. Can you explain why Bitcoin is more decentralised than XRP? The XRP ledger does not need 4 Chinese miners to control it and make it exist. Bitcoin is one of the most centralised Cryptos there and naive sheep like you don’t see it.

  9. I do believe in hodling bitcoin, but xrp is gonna be up there whether you like it or not. Rothschilds invested. Nuff said

  10. @Robert Stark They have a controlled and limited release from escrow. Who else does that?
    All crypto developers have a generous piece of the supply pie.

  11. One thing that you forgot to mention and recognize is Ripple is years ahead any body on laying the groundwork. They have the infrastructure set up with Partnerships with over 250 Banks and also payment remittance companies. They just bought into MoneyGram 30 milioni di dollari. So they’re on the way to doing what they said.

  12. To be fair xcurrent 4.0 does give the option to use XRP. So now xcurrent at least CAN use XRP, still doesn’t mean they are but it is at least possible.

  13. You say speed is the only reason XRP will succeed, that isn’t all he said. He said speed and cost. 1000x faster and 1000x cheaperits a complete no brainer, more and more companies are realising this, Ripple the company and XRP the digital asset are only moving one way and thats forward and upwards

  14. I hold XRP just in case it blows up 💪🏼. But I’m 88% ₿TC. thanks again for your time and great videos 👊🏼

  15. @Annika_green yep, I wanted to say that here but I think bitcoin was created by CIA as a test dummy and they are gonna win regardless and distract the masses into believing bitcoin will win and then pick xrp or some other coin

  16. @UHD Gaming PC Indeed, current sub $0.3 xrp prices are not gonna float the boat. Massive price appreciation is needed to facilitate remittances.

  17. Bank transfers take days and cost a lot of money and can easily be blocked by government(S) or the banks themselves. BTC is fairly fast on that scaleand Brad even indicated BTC is more of a “riserva di valore” … come l'oro.

    The longer confirmation times and high hash power rate for PoW, tends to make BTC saferyet time will tell.

    There is also BCH, LTC and otherseven RVN looks attractive.

  18. @Ivan梦夫 wrong trillions can easily be moved at $5 A $10, xrp is only getting $1 billion by eoy 2020 as stated by brad himself

  19. @UHD Gaming PC Hang on, how was my original statement WRONG? Isn’t 0.3 a, say, 5 considered a massive move?

  20. @Ivan梦夫 why know crypto ia baby small, with adoption it is possible for xrp to hit $5 , alot of people are getting their Hope’s up thinking xrp sull he global world currency need a reality check.

  21. most people have 80% + in BTC for their portfolios. my opinion is thats a major mistake man. it should be the opposite. the minority make money not the majority

  22. the interview is for the newbis. CNN reaches billions of people who still do not know much about crypto let alone XRP

  23. You do realize China controls the majority of Bitcoin right? Which, poi, is more CENTRALIZED?

  24. Banks arent going anywhere. XRP is the chosen one. Literally every bank in India and Japan are using Ripple tech and are ready to go. XRP has more adoption in 1 country than Bitcoin has in the entire world.

  25. Yeah right cause he knows it all. 😂
    I keep hearing all this BS yet even the XRP community is fed up with Brad. As I’ve said before I’ll trade it but until it shows some significant gains I won’t hodl it. I look forward to when that happens as I do believe in project, just not the ownership.

  26. Its simple to understand what’s going on with Ripple and what they are doing….Ripples success is tied to XRP…..common sense isn’t too common now a days I guess.

  27. @laurent altema yep, you see the Forbes thing about banning Petro and possibly other cryptos? Trump wants Petro gone, and possibly bitcoin. Sounds like xrp may win in the US

  28. @zach ohare it will….I own both BTC and XRP….they’ll both succeed in their own right but for everything BTC isn’t …..XRP is. It’s so freaking simple!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Let me not be a 🍆 though 🤷‍♂️

  29. Another thing he’s not taking into consideration is the xrp is in fact being adopted there is no argument the banks cannot wait for these other coins to build out their networks Ripple has a network that is built out today and the only crypto that’s being used in the commercial production of anything

  30. And there is no difference in adoption of Ripple software and xrp xrp is integrated in Ripple software xrp is the native digital assets on the xrp L once Banks adopt Ripple system it’s only a matter of time before they decide they want to save an additional 60% it is a no brainer and it’s going to happen

  31. The only thing that is holding it back at the moment is the wait for the payment corridors to come live and a lot of them are coming live every day the entire world is going to have a quick change over to the rtgs system Ripple offers there’s a lot of hate for xrp but you tell me the next time you see a Bitcoin representative talking to the IMF Mark Carney or the heads of the bank of international settlement they’re not their Ripple is and ripple is promoting and interested in the success of only xrp the other ones do not have a clear use case that is being achieved by a team of dedicated employees like xrp does I’m not saying some other projects are not good but you don’t see them on CNN do you

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