Questo è un falso prima che il Run. Big Money Is Getting In Behind Closed Doors. #Bitcoin

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This is PROOF that institutions are buying MILLIONS worth of Bitcoin.

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Number of #Bitcoin addresses holding more than 1000 $BTC

Selling pressure during the recent market sell-off came primarily from short-term traders that last acquired BTC between $10k and $12k.

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Visa, MasterCard, Stripe, and eBay all quit Facebook’s Libra in one day

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Questo è un falso prima che il Run. Big Money Is Getting In Behind Closed Doors. #Bitcoin

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  2. Investors{March-“2019) Bougth/Investors/Cold-Storage —- … 3000$ – 3KDollarsWho are You?

  3. I have been in this space for several years now, we are definitely heading towards a big move, up or down.

  4. JP Morgan , Chase Bank , Morgan Stanly , Wells
    Fargo all have at least 10 000 BTC as of months ago! We all know they control the government . Its a new way to make money by exploitation . Why would they ban it?

  5. I’m as bullish as they come. Not necessarily on the pricethe price will do what the price does. But the technologythe solutionthe reasonsthe decentralizationthe securityand all the rest of it….what compares?!? Nada. I’m hoping for lower pricesI won’t be complaining, even as I dollar cost average at these levels!! Know your reasons why, and you’ll sleep like a baby!

  6. I absolutely love this channel. It’s short and always full of great information! Keep up the good work guys. Thank you again

  7. Great point! Look at how these regulators are all over KIN, Libra and now Telegram. If they could stop Bitcoin they would have done it way back

  8. @Mikhel Brown I think Davincij is right! The Big Banks are trying to get all the BTC they can now while its relatively cheep. Then they will sell as much as they can at the top of the next massive parabolic blow off top to new people fomoing in then buy it back off them when the market goes bear for the next couple of years.

  9. if they were buying millions the price would be going up or down severely! I spend 10K and it goes up or down alot! How much more millions!

  10. @Craig Neeve They will keep ‘getting cuteven in a Bull market if they lack SELF CONTROL

  11. The is So Spot On! I got into bitcoin in April. It ran up quickly and I held on but when it crashed that much that fast I panicked! How interesting the data. Thanks for the run down on everything!

  12. Great information ALT 🗽🔥
    We can only help those who really want help…… remember Bitcoin isn’t for everyone as much as I want it to be

  13. Ben detto. Watch stock to flow start to play into Bitcoin very soon. We all know the floor can never be under 5,000 but the ceiling is a number we have not seen yet!!!

  14. Who are the fools selling these 1000’s of BTC to those large addresses? – at these crap prices?!
    I’m gonna answer my own questionThese trades are happening OTC at much higher prices that never get reflected in the open market.
    Next question: What are these new large holders going to do with their holdings?
    Answer: Manipulate the open exchange price of course (as they do with gold, silver, you name it…)

  15. If Bitcoin goes to 1.000.000 Di Più, I call that „the financial reset“, without political staff can’t be blamed for the loss of „value“ in fiat.

    It’s Bitcoin Crypto Hype fevers fault. Just think about itperfect setup.

  16. Everyone knows bitcoin is going to blow sky high at any moment, when it goes it going to blow some minds. I got my bags packed and im ready for a trip to the moon.

  17. I don’t know when, I don’t where, but something is going to happen!

    Thank you that’s all for today.

  18. Why do you all talk about decentralization? Internet is decentralized, bitcoin is distributed. That is the big difference

  19. they can do that if btc isnt getting used as payments if ppl start using it irl they wont be able to manipulate it like they do with gold

  20. Love your Daily Updates! This is very well detailed analysis. Im always Bullish with BTC, the technology and mass adoption will surely lift us.

    I would be great to see your Daily Updates on Uptrennd. It is a social media platfrom that full of Crypto ethusiast.

  21. I’m hodling a few satoshis. Will wait till it reaches $10k again. Would like to see this quality bitcoin analysis on Uptrennd. 😃

  22. Nice to see Uptrennd being mentioned it’s a great platform for all cryto related information would love to see altcoin their.

  23. OTC trade is possible but at some point it has to be transferred to other wallets, so that would be on chain. Or you could just sell the adres, but then there is no guarantee the seller won’t backup the seed

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