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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
Today I wanted shed my insight on the newest and the hottest cryptocurrency: Proof of Weak Hands 3D. It's been called a scam. It's been called a good investment. Many call it a scam and a good investment. Let's get into it!

Piace. sottoscrivi.

*Not advice! I was just joking in the video! I am not giving advice. proprio opinione. Use my channel as a starting off point.

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

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  1. sono d'accordo 1001% on the fact to stay away from POWH and even though i was tempted back in early March I just didn’t like the fact that u win on others losses.

  2. exactlyit’s just slimy. People have seen huuge gains in crypto with out stuff like this. And let’s not forget all the people who lost everything believing in bitconnect

  3. Truly decentralized. All volunteers and the community funds it with donations. everyone in the community has the opportunity to propose an idea and the community votes on it. Equihash 21 billion cap. I would really like your honest opinion on it?

  4. the name says it all the proof of weak hands xD everyone who joins it has weak hands xD

  5. men can you actually talk about ofweek handscause to be honest I think am one, I mean if you see that 1 Bitcoin goes all the way up to 1 milione? what would you do? how did you invested ?

  6. If I saw bitcoin jumped up I’d sell. If I saw bitcoin jumped up but I was looking to buy, I wouldn’t buy until the price went down

  7. It’s funny until you loose your money! Sono d'accordo con te 100%, I’m proud about Bitcoin and some of the other great projects out there.

  8. Has anyone heard about the birds nest graph? I saw it in a video with David hay. I was wondering if you could go more in detail about this chart

  9. You don’t just make money off people losing $ what are you talking about? Research into the project more, it doesn’t quite work that way. When people buy in you make $, when people sell you make $. Some people sold today for profit, and more profits went to me. It was win win for many today. The project doesn’t even really need new people if only some of the people in it already simply reinvest dividends. Most people misunderstand this is a lot like Kucoin shares where you buy shares of the exchange and earn income based on the trade volume of buys/sells of coin on the exchange. Like Kucoin the more shares you have the more % money you make relative to your share of the exchange. The site is meant to discourage those who take themselves too serious and can’t look past that to find a genius smart contract that works flawlessly. Even the devs said, the smart would get in early and see past the joke, (its literally an Hourglass not a pyramid the way it works). The dummies would all fomo in later once everyone realizes how legit and revolutionary it is.

  10. i figured you would go through the smart contract and audit the code, instead you lead your subs to the sites satire text/photos and judge lol.

  11. If you did your research you would see that it’s not a scam and for those who aren’t sure they should check out “learn crypto aka the professor’s” videos

    The website or interface uses like u said, a satirical approach against pyramids and Ponzi schemes but I believe it is the first part of the game of shaking off the weak hands. It purposely pokes fun at lending platforms etc but if u were wise enough to read up on how this smart contract works u would realize that it is not a ponzi or scam.

    A ponzi by definition is defined as a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors. POWH3D does not need new investors to pay out the first investors.

    If say there are 100 people invested and no new investors come in, those 100 people can still make money. Come? Then the true game begins. Sooner or later people are going to crack and end up selling and get out and it is the holders who are benefiting from this because as token holders u are paid dividends by all the tokens being sold. And if u are the “strongest hand” yes the value of your tokens decrease but u made dividend on everyone selling, and then the cycle can begin again because the token price has dropped and it can repeat itself.

    Take another look, I don’t think this will discourage mass adoption into crypto, it’s a fun game and at the same time u can make money.

  12. It’s like you are saying,” if you are paying tax you are in a ponzi Scheme. ” Poorly researched mate.

  13. Basically no useful infortmation provided, he is just reading parts of the website and then interpretending itthe way he wants to.
    I love how this guy does not understand the satire behind it. Furthermore he clearly does not understand the main concept of Proof of Weak Hands.
    I can not begin to point out all the false statements he has made.
    Do your own research, don’t just blindly follow this guy’s opinion, he has no idea what he is talking about.

  14. you forget to say that there is a 10% fee when you sell too and all of it goes to the hodlers. Can’t be manipulated..

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