The REAL reasons why Bitcoin crashed & what can (actually) cause the next crypto bull run

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The REAL reasons why Bitcoin crashed & what can (actually) cause the next crypto bull run

40 Commenti

  1. China going from 90% to less than 1% is false imo. Those exchanges went to Hong Kong and other areas. Sure the market lost a chunk, but people still invest in crypto.

    China’s ban is not about crypto but about preventing their money from leaving the country (called capital flight). This started years ago with a max of 50k per year can leave. They feared too many investors were investing in foreign projects.

    Then they found out people were using crypto to move there money overseas, hence the ban

  2. Excellent video again, bud. Thanks for taking the time! I think this is one a lot of people need to hear/watch.

  3. the statistic is around Chinse Yuan, not chinese people. It’s well known that taking Yuan out of the country is very very arduous and so while there may be tons of Chinese investors on Binance and Huobi, they are likely using crypto to crypto transactions and figuring out less traceable ways to buy in with Yuan. Maybe the stat is more around 10% but it’s a glamour stat for the Chinese Govt so making it sound like theycrushedthe evil makes them look good. I agree it’s probably higher. But likely still very low by comparison to 90%.

  4. User adoption is THEKEY to breaking this present cycle and I think a likely source of a serious adoption breakthrough could come from either one of the supply chain or ID verification projects. There is definitely room for a pure crypto currency to gain traction especially in places like Zimbabwe or Venezuela. Also there are events; what if we had another banking crisis similar to 2008? It going to be fascinating watching which project is going to be THEKEY to breaking Bitcoin’s hold on the market. I have my own ideas and am very attempted to shill a particular project but going to leave it at that.

  5. thanks my friend, I appreciate that. Let’s spread the word and elevate the dialogue in this community.

  6. thanks for the kind words, don’t be afraid to blast this link to those who need to hear/watch. It’s my pleasure to contribute to such a meaningful movement and community.

  7. Thanks Francissupport from FUD Nation makes get out of bed each day. Together we are going to change crypto for the better. 🤘❤️🚀

  8. Bel video, thank you so much for the analysis, didn’t think about the crypto restrictions in Asia, and specially China in 2018. Mantenere il buon lavoro.

  9. FUD TV …Done! Inoltre, this gives me some really good ideas for my wife when she asks “How’s the bitcoin doing today?” “China! Cina! Cina! Cina!” Lmao!

  10. Unfortunately not enough “experts” on social media have any clue about the markets beyond reading reddit / coinmarkcap

  11. China pullbackWhales dumping (mt. Gox etc)…ICO scamsFUDExchange hacksMultiple factors for the healthy pullback….

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