La vera ragione dietro Bitcoin di 2018 Prezzo Crash RIVELATO!

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sì! Si sta andando piace questo video. Today I want to talk about the LATEST crypto news!


The Real Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Price Crash Revealed

Op-ed: How to Turn Your Bitcoin and Crypto Losses into Tax Savings

Loss limits

Bitcoin Crash Charts

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#Bitcoin #Crypto #Invest

**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!

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La vera ragione dietro Bitcoin di 2018 Prezzo Crash RIVELATO!

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  1. The reason is just simple. Market cycle it’s been happening in legacy markets too. Nothing just go up without taking a pullback.

  2. Next year they won’t need to pay for capital gain tax of BTC so nobody sells it will moon before year end

  3. So lame u can only deduct 3k for losses, I’m so far down I could probably use around 20k 😂😂

  4. I read this tax a couple of weeks ago Austin. Can’t recall where though. Love the channel. Have a great Xmas everyone. High5 from Wales (not England) UK. 👍

  5. That article is BSthink about itit’s only a taxable event when you sellwell if you already sold earlier this year then how can you sell again to pay taxes on your gains that you made earlier in the year? Hmmm

  6. It’s a take over cooperate takeover.

    It’s manipulated so big money could get in cheap before BAKKT is launched and shake off the weak hands.

    It’s very clear to see what’s goin on.

    The money is moving from fiat to digital.

    This is a worldwide shift of fiat to digital currency this is epic people don’t realize how huge this is goin to be.

    Pay attention to the Ice movement the Rostchilds family and the other elite families are getting into it and they only buy low.

    After this low its not going to get low like this again when things get kicked off.

    Just take a close look behind the scenes of all the cooperations and companies that’s gearing up to get in.

    My advice to everyone is to try to spread the word to family and friends to get into crypto now cause when it blows only few would be able to buy in at higher prices.

  7. I don’t think the sudden plunge in early Nov which precipitated this latest downleg can be attributed strictly to tax related selling although that may be a partial motive. 100 whales control most btc so what they are up to is anybody’s guess. Could mean a nice rally in Jan if they decide to buy back.

  8. I thought what you said is definitely part of the reason. For me the bigger reason you have to go back and look at last year more closely. Etherium and it’s Dapps and ICOs caused the Bull run not Bitcoin. Etherium corrected and on top of that people realized the value of the Etherium network even though up and coming it was over valued. And The ICO Bonanza was too good for people to miss out on. Crypto Kitties came online and Etherium bogged. It was all so new people did not understand this subject so much they did not know how to do proper research because we did not know what the questions were we should have been asking before investing.

  9. Makubekz I agree but this is a bit more than a pullback. We were definitely due for a pullback after 2017 bull run but this is just oversold and manipulation which is worse than that of a pullback

  10. I believe you are right on!! The big institutional money are positioning themselves and waiting till their infrastructure is ready. Behind the scenes their is a lot going on. The market cap is basically a drop in the hat currently to what’s coming. Unfortunately the big money is not gonna miss any opportunity to make more money. Perciò, we small time fish need to Hodl strong for the inevitability that digital assets will change our world.

  11. +Altcoin Daily How would I know Henry? He left a comment, I asked a question. So have your people get back to my people with the answer to my question

  12. Maybe that could be one reason why the bear market was started though.. Smart investors taking profits at the end of the year in preparation for tax season

  13. +doopy noo if you made a crypto transaction this you I believe you have to claim it in your taxes.

  14. Being an average crypto enthusiast, where do these taxes come in? I mean if your bitcoin is on coinbase, are the taxes in the fees of selling? Or on binance are the taxes included in the withdrawal fees?

  15. Nope. The rich pay close to nothing, if not no tax. This is being taxed so the poor people like us will be scared to buy and sell.

  16. That’s how it should have been all along – cioè. it should be legally possible to move between cryptos without it being considered a “saldi”. So it is good they are finally fixing that to avoid crypto enthusiasts being classified in the day trader category for tax purposes, which opens a whole can of worms relating to tax requirements in subsequent years.

  17. yeah seems outrageous. Ive been seeing these articles pop up and I wanted to get ahead of it.

  18. +Altcoin Daily Keep up the good work man I have moved from Seattle to Florida so my schedule change but I always check in when I can.

  19. Grazie! People are overlooking this or they are just not seeing it. Etherium going from $1400 giù verso $100 did some major damage.

  20. +Abinadab007 well said and when people just learning about this top 1 percent people/family how they get ritch. Or dont know how they get ritch they hating themmtop 1 percent like hating how why them top 1 percent got better life well i have 2 red horse beer from.phlippines when it kicks me, i get realy flock up. Saluti

  21. It’s not justcashingout. They’re saying that if you sold any crypto for another crypto and made even gains that way, you’re supposed to be pay taxes..

  22. +Eric but you didn’t generate income with profits. You really need to cash out for that, that’s the point. Gotta happen eventually still tho but can be done in a more handy manner haha

  23. +krayziefresh I understand why, but I wouldn’t even have cashed out if it would offset anything. Only cash out negatively if there is no promising future for your stock or coin. I don’t think cashing out with loss is more profitable combined with tax costs, if there is a future for what you have invested in.

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