Il problema con Ethereum [Developer Lotte intestine, Antonopoulos Attenzione, Prezzo POMPAGGIO]

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Parity Developer Quits Ethereum Projects Amid Outrage Sparked by Recent Tweet

Ethereum by the Numbers

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Warns Against Ethereum In-Fighting

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Warns Against Ethereum In-Fighting

Ethereum (ETH) Long Positions Skyrocket as Constantinople Nears, But Analysts Expect Post-Fork Plummet

Ethereum (ETH) Long Positions Skyrocket as Constantinople Nears, But Analysts Expect Post-Fork Plummet



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Il problema con Ethereum [Developer Lotte intestine, Antonopoulos Attenzione, Prezzo POMPAGGIO]

53 Commenti

  1. If Bitcoin gets to 30k I could see it. Where do you see the Bitcoin price being at years end?

  2. Eth is launching for the 🌒 moon again 150 broken now 160 e 200 is next if we do this I agree 1600-1800 entro la fine dell'anno

  3. There is only one problem with ethereum that it’s not compromising with the market right now that’s why it’s taking time to give solid base not anything.

  4. +Altcoin Daily wel 1600-1800 on eth is a wild guess ,😂 appreciate as always your hard work ! To answer the BTC Q hard one is I can see 5000 very easy now if we break above 4.2k but I think 6k will be a heavy resistance to break so by the end of the year 12k +- your thoughts on it?,grtz from the Canary islands btw

  5. Thanks for this great video! Learned a lot.. I would love if you could make one on Deeponion and its status.. (solo 7,000$ 24 h volume.. whyy??)

  6. +Bjorn Vds not willing to say just yet. But I still am prepared for BTC to drop to lower than $3,200 this year even if BTC rallies in the short term. Who really knows tho

  7. si apprezzare, Ronni. I reviewed Deep Onion last year, but honestly they dropped so far down in this bear market and I am focusing on Higher caps at the moment. If I do a low cap coin vid I will keep them on my radar tho.

  8. It ETH drops post Constantinople I’m loading up! Keep buying ETH because I think it will rise a lot faster than the cheap altcoins. Play the ETH altcoins bounce and load up on your favorite coins using your ethereum.

  9. +Altcoin Daily yup agree I see the hardest part aroun 6 k if we passed 4.2 .. then indeed we need to forsee a huge drop as most of the buyers faith will be gone .. so indeed don’t lambo to soon haha .

  10. Altcoin Daily ❤️I believe that Tor is the future of the internet in the same way that the blockchain is the future of money. Google will fall with the dollar around the same decade that Tor will rise with crypto. 7,000$ 24h volume?! Thats an opportunity!

  11. Have held eth for a long time it moves on its own more often then not making very good profits and it makes for a great swap on Cardano to accumilate more. My 2c

  12. I think a lot of these problems will go away if people knew that 0xbitcoin exists. 0xbitcoin did not have an ICO or premine. It cannot be 51% attacked and it is the first mineable token on the Ethereum network. Its mining algorithm is solidity sha256 (keccak256). It’s mining hashrate has almost hit 20th/s and still not a word anywhere.

  13. I do not think it really matters as a whole long term if one developer leaves because by bringing in fresh developer my be for the greater good.

  14. Ha true. Eventually it will come. Some days we do 2. Ma, as long as we owe you, you’ll never be broke. 👍🏼

  15. +Altcoin Daily I have to spread awareness some how. You discuss bitcoinhexx. Wbtc is doing horrible. 0xbitcoin has fair distribution. ebitcoin had an airdropped. And the other 0xcopies have failed. This could make for a great video 😉

  16. 10:40 – Lol 🤣, its a bull trap if I ever saw one. Sure the price will probably rise a little more but there are so many factors showing resistance that the risk may not be worth the little reward.

  17. I try not to post negative news on my twitter because people always exemplify the negative without really understanding or seeing the whole picture. I remember a sayingDo some thing good and it is soon forgotten, but do something bad and they will never forgetTry and stay positive and only good will result. Good job

  18. Have you seen what PoS does to the price of a coin?
    I’m talking to the misinformed people in here.
    ETH will go from 10x to 50x once proof of stake goes live.

  19. +Andreas Apo thats one of the answers that is very interesting and correct I think when possible will go live at least 10 x good one !

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