Il futuro di DApps? TronChat Presents the DApp Evolution Ecosystem Powered by EVO

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Il futuro di DApps? TronChat Presents the DApp Evolution Ecosystem Powered by EVO

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  1. With Samsung and HTC releasing Blockchain smartphones with Cold storage for crypto Q1 2019 you will see adoption like never before VIA your hand held security blanket 🙂 Everyone wants the newest and best. Over the next 2 years we will see a couple new versions and a big BOOM will give power to these new Dapps in every aspect of our lives. Further pushing Crypto into the mainstream. Buona fortuna

  2. You know what would be really awesome? If Tronlink would work on android. I’m sitting on a bunch of trc10 DICE among other things that I can’t even switch over. Not to mention the dapps are useless to me

  3. Just bought your token love your vision take us too the next level my belief 2019 we will see a change in this space with mass adoption a shift overall in the financial markets.

  4. Nice music choice.. @1:58. I always like smooth, tranquil, and jazzy type beats. Random shoutout to Ready Set Crypto lol

  5. Great ideas E! It’s all about execution. You’re biting off a big venture here as these could all be stand alone ventures. I’d love to introduce you to some really smart young VC’s (TXV Partners) who focus on tech. They are all in their 20’s and could be a good resource. @SWisniewski76

  6. I would like to buy your token.
    I have never purchased outside of coinbase and binance so please break it down for me

  7. This is being done through TronScan. You create a wallet on TronScan and send over TRX and then can trade them for our token. Make sure you are navigating from our official DAppEvolution site as scammers are always trying to impersonate us! Truly appreciate your support! -E

  8. +FUD TV Thank you Mr FUD!
    Will be my pleasure. I recommend dedicating a video to it. UN 2 minute Tutorial if you will.
    I know it is very simple but to people who do not have a clue it is NOT and off putting due to all the scammers out there as you say.
    I think this would boost your token sale by at least 100%
    Be the one who makes blockchain SIMPLE for EVERYONE 👍😎

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