The Blockchain ID system for 2 Billion People? TheKey TKY CEO Given Chinese Government Position!

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THEKEY hopes to provide next-gen ID verification via blockchain. We review this project and speculate on the possibility of a partnership with the Chinese Government.

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The Blockchain ID system for 2 Billion People? TheKey TKY CEO Given Chinese Government Position!

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  1. Let’s GOOOOOO!!! Partnership$! Partnership$!! Partnership$!!! I have been stacking up on this one, and continue to do so! THEKEY will also be another coin that is going to make me a lot of money! As an investor, I always look for the bullish signals! June is a big month for THEKEY, and December will be an even bigger month! One Year hold at the very least!

  2. sì, the Chinese government might adopt this to track identity. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? OH? Other governments may adopt this? Super. If the control is not centrally managed it is less likely to be adopted by the Communist Party of China or similar totalitarian governments. It seems generally though innovation is not best found in the far east. I hope that changes and that is is a part of it though.

  3. I strongly feel that these Chinese projects are the ticket to ride because it is easy to uncover with a bit a research all of the Chinese government and enterprise cooperation and connections, it’s only a matter of time before they roll things out over there and the fuse is lit. It’s a great hedge against more western projects because it seems like the SEC is trying to drag out their process, creating uncertainty, holding things back and seems like they are trying to slow things down so they have time to plan their move and take control of things best they can. Now you throw in a juggernaut like Soros and the insane amount of money, risorse, personnel in the mix, who knows with that guy but it doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy, just result in much more bearish and sideways movement, that’s how he’s known to make his money. Saying that, I feel like the east will take off regardless of what happens in the west especially with the introduction of more solid DEX projects, it’s my hedge at least and where I’m placing most of my focus. Anche, check out Sovrin, I feel like that will be to the west what TKY is to the east, they also just partnered with IBM and have connections to Homeland Security. Just discovered your channel dude and I love your content, quickly becoming one of my faves! You haven’t been at it very long and already have a solid following and I see it increasing at a rapid rate, continuate così! Saluti!

  4. 2 Billion ? Let’s NOT exaggerate China’s population. It’s currently “solo” 1.388 BIL. però, the opportunity is definitely huge.

  5. TheKey TKY won the national contract for China last month. 1.4 billion people as a client base in Chinathe TKY team have reached every roadmap milestone ahead of timethey tend to under promise and over deliver. The partnership with the TKY team has been the cynosure of PRC attention from the beginingwith CEO Catherine Li awarded Business Women of the year.

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