The BEST Way To Make Money in Crypto!! [Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy]

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,

Today I answer your questions! Many of you guys have been commenting asking what the best way to make money in cryptocurrency is. Let me share with you what works for. This isn't financial advice. Make sure you make your own decisions!

Thanks team!

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**Not financial advice!

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The BEST Way To Make Money in Crypto!! [Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy]

44 Commenti

  1. Would you be able to research into DBC to see why price continue to drop when the project seems to hold so much promise. Thank you very much for putting out content each day.

  2. Is it possible you can look into some startup altcoins and give us your opinion of who you think will have a future. Grazie.

  3. Agree with your long term plan ! It’s always good to take profits but remember the tax consequences in any strategy ! If I believe in a coin’ s future personally I will not consider taking profit for at least one year , this puts me into longterm capital gains vs short term gains … 15% vs 30% in media …. Good luck to crypto friends and good hunting

  4. sono d'accordo! Long term for me is 2-5yrsdollar cost averaging, after core positions are taken is the best way to go! Bel video! Grazie!

  5. mogkow it’s just the market. Dbc is a great project. Just keep buying as it dips. Markets often don’t make sense and forget good projects. Most asian coins don’t promote or advertise. They care about tech.

  6. LOVEEE your videos, straight forward & to the point, covering all aspects including basics. Grazie!

  7. LEONARD MURRAY it’s sick, that you guys have to be so affraid of Tax institutions. It says it all about the status quo.

  8. Appreciate it. I’ve talked about Icon briefly beforeI’ll try and work them into a video again.

  9. Good video. Is there one or two favorite exchanges to view your cryptos and then make a buy?

  10. Bel video, subbed….I’ve been trading to build up my token stash, I have a set amount of tokens I want at all times and anything above that is profit to build or take off the top if I need to.

  11. It’s not too late! It is never too late to invest in cryptocurrency. Also in new promising projects.
    I lost 50k 5Btc when I started trading CRYPTO it was annoying, I was lost until I found a comment like this which transformed me financially. I got a simple tip from an expert which has helped me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, now I make as much every week from tradings.
    Can share the tips with you, mail me:

  12. I trade using Bob’s strategies and it has never failed me as I’ve made over 2 btc in just 1 month of active trading

  13. are you just a beginner in crypto mining ?? Wanting to make money off crypto, Mr Jeff Rose he has the best miner as for now. Hit him up and start earning in no time.

  14. +Altcoin Daily Hi i haven’t invested before, wanna invest for swinger what platform can start since my country don’t support coinbase

  15. Investing in three easy steps. 1 Buy BTC. 2. move it to a hard wallet and keep your private keys safe. 3. Hodl. Ta daaa!

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