Should I Sell My XRP? Is J.P. Morgan Coin the New Standard? [Ripple XRP News]

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JP Morgan is rolling out the first US bank-backed cryptocurrency to transform payments business–.html

J.P. Morgan Creates Digital Coin for Payments

JPM Coin competes with Ripple

JP Morgan Might Have Just Killed The Ripple XRP Dream


The Case Against BankCoin

Infographic: Companies using XRP (Ripple, xRapid)



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Should I Sell My XRP? Is J.P. Morgan Coin the New Standard? [Ripple XRP News]

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  1. No you should not sale your XRP!!!!!! Altcon why do you HATEEEEEE XRP!!!!!!! I have UNSUSCRIBED from you.

  2. JPMC is not a crypto, period. Crypto, and blockchain as an extension, is the very definition of decentralization. There is absolutely nothing decentralized about JPMCoin. I’m no fan of XRP and will never invest in it myself…but if I had to make a choice between two evils, I’d pick XRP for the simple fact that if Ripple goes under, XRP can still survive. If JP Morgan goes under, bye bye JPMCoin. These bankers are so predictable, it’s ridiculous. They actually think we are all morons. No one outside of JPMorgan will use JPMC which makes it no better than the failed Petro coin in Venezuela which was backed by something better than fiat, oil…supposedly. No one will adopt JPMC which = fail.

  3. JPM is just a centralized stable coin that as of right now can only be used inside of a centralized network. XRP has multiple used cases and can be used all over the world, the JMP coin is a big step for crypto and will draw attention to the space but it won’t be trusted.

  4. JP Schmucktard Chase and XRPdeeznutz are tools to get your money away from BTC so the price stays down so they can scoop it up and try to control it. We are in this space to get away from central bank schmucktard manipulation. You want what you can’t have then all of a sudden it opens up to average Joe public. Who would’ve known. Banks are going away and so is AIPAC just like Tower Records…

  5. Xrp and JPMorgan coin are both centralized crap. They both are not blockchain and will not have long term significance. The writing is on the wall for ripple we all tried to tell XRP holders that banks will not use them. Strong sell if you’re holding.

  6. The JPM coin does not compete with XRP, because it is tied to the US Dollar. It will not solve the issues related to cross-border remittances, that have been addressed by Ripple. Why would you trust JP Morgan? Old money, simply attempting to maintain their historical status quo.

    The JPM coin does not address the fact, that the US dollar is subject to inflation. Just like the US treasury, they will simply produce more, as the need arrises. XRP is deflationary, due to its limited supply.

  7. just dump asses buying JPC .. smart asses buy XRP.. they have a lot of customers and success.. .the other is just a wanna be coin without credibility !

  8. The JPM coin, glad it’s internal. You can have it. More companies will start this trend for sure, if they haven’t already. Good luck to them. Long live #bitcoin #blockchain #cryptocurrency #decentralization

  9. This will not hurt Ripple or the XRP cryptocurrency. This may only affect a small portion of cross border transactions, but what about smart contacts, derivatives, asset Tokenization and all of that isn’t going to be controlled by JPM or any other bank. Banks are competing with each other so why would Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc utilize a jpm coin transaction. XRP can bridge all digital assets.

  10. There’s so much to this:

    1. People talk about them having all this money and being able to duplicate what Ripple has, as though they can hire the brightest. Yeah, true, but how about David Schwartz? I think that is one incredibly bright people. Ripple already has those people.

    2. I guess this kind of squashes the notion that XRP is a bankers coin if the large banks are going into competition with XRP. They certainly are not supporting it, “behind it”, or are we seeing some sleight of hand.

    3. I think XRP’s success will also come from people getting behind it because of the banks history – not being for the people. I feel XRP is a much better option than traditional banks. People also need to wake up to the Federal Reserve and their horrible influence on politics and control of the people and country.

    4. Banks may create their own coins, be used for internal services, etc., but you still need a bridge between other countries and banks. Since XRP is decentralized it garners the trust factor. I don’t see JPM being that bridge, nor others. Sure, anything is possible with time, but where will the world of finance and settlements be in 5 years?

    5. This is just *another* unseen issue that I always mention that people just can’t get through their heads. All of these XRP fans talk about riches like it’s a done deal. That’s troubling. The last big thing IMO was the OTC sales which no one saw coming. All of which has not affected price in a positive manner, and if anything, has helped to suppress it.

    6. This market could be suppressed for a very long time. The retail investors are no longer in control of the market. We are far away from any sort of mass adoption. Heck, we aren’t even seeing real world use case that is making any headlines. This just illustrates that there is going to be more unseen events which IMO will adversely affect crypto as a whole.

    7. I’ve always felt that we are nothing more than cheerleaders for a sports team that sends them donations. There really is no purpose for any of the coins we have. They are not needed for the technology of blockchain to flourish. XRP isn’t needed for XRapid. It can run on anything. BTC isn’t needed either. Anything can fill it’s space such as a token from JPM. The list goes on. I was feeling optimistic again, but this once again illustrates the absolute uncertainty of cryptocurrency. Just because banks and institutions are getting into (the technology) doesn’t mean that we are going to benefit. The last bull run may have been the last one to actually make money.

    I’m a supporter of XRP, and it was and still is my biggest holding. But this has made me sell off enough XRP and convert it to a full BTC. I was greedy before, but now my portfolio is almost well balanced. I will probably sell off more XRP and reinforce a few other positions I have. Honestly, I can’t stand the XRP community. They are so childish, toxic, aggressive, and entitled. In life, I’ve seen more cases of the braggadocios person getting squashed by “the Gods” than rewarded. So that whole attitude by the XRP army makes me want to sell and root against XRP.

  11. That may be true, but if you control the coin, then you control the ability to create more of it. So if Chase controls their coin, they basically would become their own treasury and have the ability to create more of their own coin. No longer would they have to go and ask the US Treasury to do it for them and “loan” them the money at 0% interest.

  12. Lmao, why does everyone think of XRP as a bankers coin?! It’s the fastest and cheapest way for global transfers! JPM coin, centralized asset pegged to a dollar, lol, really a threat? JPM coin tied to US Dollar would only be competition if XRP was tied to toilet paper.

  13. Way Wrong Take on JPM!! Did you even read the press release? It’s an internal token just for JPM client settlement. No bank or any other entity is going to trust JPM coin. The banks, ALL THE BANKS, LIKE EVERY BANK ON THE PLANET, will need a bridge currency. That is exactly why XRP was built. This only increases the need for X-Rapid and X-Current. Who the hell is going to give JPM world currency hegemony? Not to mention XRP is being backed by the Rothschild family. XRP as a world bridging currency is already a done deal. The rest of this stuff is just FUD. After the JPM press release I got an even more convinced about how the crypto world is going to play out in the near term. I bought another 10,000 XRP.

  14. I love you guys but I’m bewildered why you still don’t own any XRP? You and your brother do like a bunch of other smaller alts that don’t have as big of a potential use case. Even if XRP manages to get 5% of the remittance business it will be a grand slam. Other competitors will come. JPM is not a shock. It only further validates the need. Goldman and Blackrock will follow suit. You say only small banks will use XRP. How many paying customers are actually using other coins you like -NULS, or ELA? Ripple has a growing number of paying customers today and hopefully XRP is widely adopted (to be determined) but even a small percentage of the remittance market will yield a high ROI.

  15. I can buy XRP on an exchange without permission, and it is not proof of work. I don’t have to worry about a 51% miner attack, or a fork off.

  16. How can you explane something that you dont understand yourself last time i look at your video’s very biast content

  17. hi man. for the record, from today , XRP is available in France in more than 10 000 press and tobacco shops! world first!

  18. To hate XRP or any digital coin is wrong. I have Bitcoin. The truth is JPM is a internal token just for JPM. It is centralized to JPM is will not effect other outside Digital Coins. Peace Brother 🙂

  19. All major banks would probably do the same, they will make their coin rather than use some product from a third party

  20. +George Manning Why don’t you check your spelling before clowning on people? You are right that we need to stop all this my coin is better than your’s bullshit. Who cares what anyone else want’s to buy with their money? We are our own worst enemy.

  21. ​+nothingness l. Then why are banks currently using products by third parties to send money? lmfao, dude, banks do not trust each other. They will never use, let alone hold a currency that is in full control of a competing bank. It’s insane, completely mad and anyone that spends more than 5 minutes thinking about this will understand that it’s not going to happen. Their risk management would never allow such counterparty exposure.

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