DISCUSSIONE SERIA: Quanto saranno bassi i prezzi del petrolio 2020? Dovrei comprare olio o 1 Bitcoin? [Investire]

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What It Means to Be an Investor Amid the Global Pandemic

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Free-Falling: U.S.. Oil Drops Below $2 Per Barrel As Demand Disappears

Bitcoin Now Buys 600 Barrels of Crude Oil as Prices Fall Below Zero

What It Means to Be an Investor Amid the Global Pandemic

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DISCUSSIONE SERIA: Quanto saranno bassi i prezzi del petrolio 2020? Dovrei comprare olio o 1 Bitcoin? [Investire]

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  2. Timestamp:
    1:07 – How Low Will Oil Go?
    2:40 – Oil WISHES it has Bitcoin’s functioning
    3:07 – 1 Bitcoin Buys 600 Barrels Of Oil
    3:30 – Tips On How To Invest During A Global Pandemic [From Author Of Article]
    8:27 – My Thoughts
    9:40 – Evidence US Citizens Are Spending Stimulus Checks On Bitcoin
    10:52 – 🔵EVENT COMING UP


  4. Oil is finally valued the same as all those ERC20 tokens that went from $20-100 down to $.01-.03a good balance!

  5. Im glad i got screwed with the last btc crash. That taught me to wait and now im glad i have. lol

  6. To get oil at that price you need a place to stock it and it’s not raffine, you will not have a baril with it also xD

  7. Still hold since $4000 last year 😀 and still buying dips, bought etherium today though 😉

  8. why do you say that? oil has a use case. bitcoin doesnt. before you reply, do you buy things with bitcoin? i didnt think so

  9. You should buy bitcoin, chainlink, ethereum and unibright and hodl and wait for staking.

  10. Free sure, buy not so sure
    I believe there’s actually 3 tankers literally looking for a place to unload their oil due to cancelled orders and closed ports
    🤷‍♂️ Maybe you have a port and pay the unloading, you can get a few million tones free?

  11. @TOYS TOYS TOYS all the cars, planes etc that run on it once thispandemicis over. No brainer

  12. 💛💙🧡💚 The Oil contract deliverable in May, has finished at -$37

    But the June contract is +$20

    You can’t buy spot oil for everyone else out there. Gambling on it is hard, because there’s an Oil Curve. You get rolled over into higher prices.

    Great Depression 2.0 sta arrivando.


  13. Nope, those erc-20 tokens actually performed better than oil, wti (US crude) is actually trading negative now.

  14. wow they must payed u a lot to “acquistare” oil shitcoin, it went to MINUS 40 Dollaro statunitense.


  15. lolade lawoyin yes. Oil drops harder than my beats right now. But i saw even gold dumps a bit again -1.5%

  16. And we have to wait for the next great oil spill. Oil: Seas dead. Spray planes with decontamination: Land and skies dead. Corona: people and economy dead. 🤷🏻

  17. I just found out UCO is 2x leveraged. Never hold leveraged long term, the leverage is reset daily meaning losses are much harder to recover from. You get a kind of slippage over time and getting back to the same share price leaves you at a loss.

  18. Bitcoin has seen some notable fundamental growth throughout the past week, where the price has risen to its initial point before the drastic fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, this goes to show that the outbreak has little or no effect in the price of bitcoin, making it the only currency with a high resistance level, this in mind traders have begin to flood the bitcoin market making is strength limit a little stronger than it used to be, and the best time to go into bitcoin was 11 years ago and the next best time is now, because the market is set to shoot off, and am trading with so much confidence because Jacob Morgan strategies are so accurate, i literally trade without stress and loss are to the barest minimal, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 settimane con la stessa strategia, he is one of the good traders who know how to read and understand the market and if you are planning on going into the crypto market i would give you a professional advice to contact an expert in the game to direct you. You can reach him on Telegram *@JacobMorgan99* for further insight into trading profitably.

  19. I also trade with Jacob Morgan trading strategy’s, his contact info was shared in a bitcoin conference I attended back in December last year as one of the best traders to get trading tips and strategy’s from. He is a good man

  20. Working with Jacob has been very beneficial to myself and my wife both in knowledge and benefit.

  21. The best decision I don’t regret making was contacting this man. Great how my life turned around in 3 settimane!

  22. I just sent him a detailed message letting him know how I have been longing to be a part of his program that has changed lives, I hope I get a positive feed back

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