PROOF Bitcoin is headed for ANOTHER CRASH? Shocking prediction from Sr Bloomberg Crypto analyst!

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PROOF Bitcoin is headed for ANOTHER CRASH? Shocking prediction from Sr Bloomberg Crypto analyst!

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39 Commenti

  1. So just before the parabolic rally he thought BTC was done? Well forgive me for not worrying too much what he says now.

  2. Like your videos but the ‘PROOFclickbait titles are bordering on desperate and a turn off.
    Not one person on this planet has, or will ever, be able to prove future BTC pricing.

  3. This old guys belive only in gold and another assets from 19th century

  4. Haha yeah I disagree with him there too but he’s been right about the bear market so far

  5. +FUD TV Yes I don’t mean to sound disrespectful and congrats for actually getting someone on that’s on the front line but there’s so many factors that could and will shift the dial in a moment. Even the Venezuela thing could spark a bullrun IMO.

  6. Why does he keep saying he is “worried” it will drop lower. Fool, does he not realize that a lower price drop would give us a chance to load up even more btc, thus making us multi millionaire’s way sooner than we first thought! Smh

  7. Amen! And he says that because he doesn’t want people to lose their money. Having talked extensively with Mike off camera I can confirm he’s a good dude. He doesn’t have a horse in the raceanalyzing markets is his life.

  8. Batman Now is the best time to invest/mine your bitcoin now the price is down and the market value is high, why save your bitcoin? i advice any miner or investor to start investing now rather then losing all your coin, i will show and guide you through the crypto mining investment platform. They are good btc miners,i gain up to 1.5 btc per day and up to $ 6000 from ETH to month.A good business man should know that bitcoin would become very expensive, and now should be the right time to invest.

  9. sono d'accordo. Okay BTC it could half in price from here but it is going to have to treble in price before the next bullrun is confirmed, at which point, people hoping now that it will go below 3K are getting wrecked. So buy now, sono d'accordo, and save a little fiat in case it does drop lower still

  10. So wait this guy totally missed every other Bitcoin signal, thought it wouldn’t goabove goldand thinks solar panels make him tech forward? Why would anyone listen to this geiser

  11. He said that in 2013 tho / but obviously believe what you want, just presenting other viewpoints

  12. +FUD TV seriously though dude, this is quality stuff and it’s great to get a whole range of different perspectives on this space! 🖒

  13. +Batman Mining now is only good if the price of bitcoin stays steady, as holding coin won’t make you money in this times due to low volatility. Again this would be the point to buy at least $150k worth of BTC @3k and invest it and sell when it hit 9-10k and make a easy half mil.i advice any miner or investor to start investing now rather than losing all your coin, I will show and guide you through the crypto mining investment platform as they good btc miners, I gain up to 1.5 btc per day and up to $6000 from ETH to month.

  14. Loved the episode!! It’s always good to hear both sides of the market. Both sides meaning Fundamentals versus TA. Fundamentals made me buy ENJ at 9 cents and sell for 17 cents in less then 48 ore. Where as my TA made me not buy BNB at 6 bucks and get in late at 10Just saying

  15. I’m looking to buy at those (lower) livelli” … is this why you’re making this clickbait?

  16. Lying on video titles and then ignoring your subscribers honest and constructive criticism instead of taking it on graciously, is a sure fire way to lose credibility and subs.
    The proportionate of likes of my comments so far speaks for itself.
    Take it as you will, you might actually thank me one day instead of taking a high and mighty approach.
    And for the record, I stated ‘bordering on desperateI didn’t say it was.

  17. +Paul Kunkle settle down Jim Bob. Nothing idiotic about the comments. Some people need to learn to accept constructive criticism.

  18. Alphonse Capone F the clickbait. I just focus on content and objectivity. He’s not selling moon dust nor is he saying it’s bear day all day long. The content that is brought is thought provoking….that’s what matters most🤷‍♂️

  19. Alphonse Capone I agree with you Bo Ding, constructive criticism is good, key word “constructive”. Not flat out shots fired because someone doesn’t like what they are hearing.

  20. +Paul Kunkle may not bother you, unlike most people who don’t appreciate wasting their time sitting through 36 minutes of video waiting to watch the advertised content only to find it doesn’t exist.
    I stated I like his videos, and I too like the quality of his guests, but I don’t watch all of them and I don’t appreciate clickbait.

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