NO DOUBT BCH will overtake Bitcoin😱Ripple XRP Angel to Binance Board | Roger Ver Interview

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"NO DOUBT BCH will overtake Bitcoin" 😱Ripple XRP Angel to Binance Board | Roger Ver Interview

20 Commenti

  1. You ask questions on touchy subjects very well! You must be rarely in the dog house with your good lady. Great interview

  2. There is such negativity in Roger’s energy and non-verbal activity. It’s hard to take what he says seriously.

  3. How is btc unreliable ive never had a transaction not go through its slow ill give him that but that’s what I would ask him

  4. Every Roger Ver interview turns into a Bitcoin bashing interview. Would have loved to see some original content here. Ma no, it’s always the same 🙁

  5. Thanks for the interview fellas. Always very informative Elliot. Thanks for the coins Roger! bitcoincash:qzj2u49zal0hyxdhqmk4qfe3p6yutv25kca509szzu

  6. i use bitcoin only for my store of value i will Never buy Pizza again with it! …. when i look back , what an expen$ive mi$take!

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