NOTIZIE FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100? Are You Ready?

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NOTIZIE FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100! Are You Ready?

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Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Bakkt Exchange & Fidelity’s Custody Can Be Massive For Crypto: Ecco perché

Bakkt Exchange & Fidelity’s Custody Can Be Massive For Crypto: Ecco perché

Planting Bitcoin: Traits of Money

Passage of Time/ Lindy Effect

A bank in Liechtenstein grew it’s traffic by 900%, after start selling cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Has Dwarfed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in ROI

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NOTIZIE FLASH: What is Happening With Litecoin Will Happen With Bitcoin x 100? Are You Ready?


Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

40 Commenti

  1. Tension is building. It’s exciting but very difficult to be patient with this space. Thanks for your great videos

  2. Nice one.. I followed your litecoin advice on time.. bought at 98 now it’s 138 😁..

  3. 3 halvings over the next 9 anni, after only 2 halvings in the previous 11 anni, buckle up folks….

  4. Exactly and it has proven itself time and time again in the bearmarkets. Its not going away.

  5. When I say 75 %of my wallet is #Litcoin people was shocked ! I always had a question why everything before add on #Bitcoin it will testing on #litecoin ? after to years Research I got convinced CEO of #Litecoin he’s Really #SatoshiNakamoto

  6. Freddo. It wasn’t advice. Glad you are in profit, but I am a normal guy, not an expert.

  7. Though I was mad seeing 75% of my own portfolio in litecoin but man, the last few months have been good for us!

    Interesting theory, may have to spend time looking into that.

  8. You forgot to mention that bitcoins marketcap is much higher so it’s also harder to get returns like that

  9. I loaded up at $30….i saw the reactions everytime it dipped below 30 and I was all in.. So happy I did.

  10. @Altcoin Daily Hello , any reason why you predict the price point of 20 000 at the halving phase? is this on the peak or u are predicting or is this just before the peak (the day of halving) or after?
    Just really curious to ask because many other have opinions of a higher price point.
    Thank you for your content.

  11. I am so glad that you are a huge believer and strong hand holder in the LiteCoin community but I have to laugh and laugh hard at your two years of research coming up with the findings that Satoshi is…. as I was there when in 1981 the excitement was off the charts as the first email was successfully made. Would kill snails mail in the future. Satoshi is a think tank that worked on being able to in a stealth manner to send value basically very quickly confirmed from one country to another undetected for the use of arms and warfarin as well as payoffs as pallets of cash flown across Boarders was unfortunately to visibly seen. Ask Colin Powell about that. Later adopted by the drug trade and then the computer geeks got involved. Next we’re entrepreneurs. That process took a total of a 20 year time span from then to 2010! Here we are in the space. Oh and by the way as naïve as the government may look in the public eye, let it be known that they ( our government ) holds hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin! We will have a Gold backed National Currency and our very own stable coin in the very near future.But the new Fiat Currency will come first. So those holding precious medals ( 🤗 stackers ) as well as early adopters of Crypto Currency will fair the storm that is about to hit us on a Global Scale. sì , you will be able to swap Federal Reserve Notes for up to 2 years from the announcement I believe but all those gangsters and cartels with Money in walls safes, security boxes ectare or will be screwed‼️ If they think they can launder in the new National Currency 🤣😂🤣 The truth may never be known until that information is unsealed. First the Kennedy assassination and 911 and work our way to rewrite history as the truth unfolds. It takes time . What for, don’t forget I mentioned this name, ” Rachel Chandler ” . That name will rock the foundation of this country and implement many other bad actors around the world with elite status. Many rich people, corporate owners , and government hierarchy from countries around the world will feel the pain of this mentioned name and will be striped of their wealth and face time behind bars. Bello…. I will have to copy and paste this later. Grazie. Hope you appreciate the skinny. No one walks away from this. WWG1WGA 🤝😎

  12. Were you actually angry in this video or did it only sound like that?, that kinda felt like my teacher is screaming at me.

  13. Respectfully disagree with you, the upcoming halving can not be compare to the previous times and you just explained very nicely why not.
    I believe that BTC will be way past it’s ATH by that time.

  14. Bojan Subasic
    #1 Because he avoids ‘conspiracy’ talk and avoids ‘copyrights’.
    #2 Because we’re in a bull market.

  15. Do you think it’s worth moving my bitcoin into Litecoin at this stage. I have a feeling when Bakkt is launched (if ever) Litecoin will make the biggest % gains. @Rage Within

  16. @Rage Within Do you think it’s worth moving my bitcoin into Litecoin at this stage. I have a feeling when Bakkt is launched (if ever) Litecoin will make the biggest % gains. @Rage Within

  17. You can get 0.001 BTC for about $8, once a month.
    There will be a time when people may be murdered for 0.001 BTC.
    Or buy a TINY BIT of ETH and go over to Mercatox and watch the chatbox, and DO A LITTLE BIT OF RESEARCH about the coins people are making noise about right then, if you get lucky you might get on a big rise and then TRADE THEM BACK FOR BTC when they are up.
    I don’t do this but I saw BOMB token go from £1.35 to over £10 in a week while they were all making noise about it. Now the action has stopped after it dropped to around £7, but some people jumped off at $10 and made big gains that way.
    ! some rubbish coins rise well due to noise but you need to dump them at the right time before everyone else tries to get rid of them.
    I DON’T DO THAT because I’m frightened of loosing what I have (I wasted 0.2 ETH and got a load of crapcoin CCN and Tratok by mistake), but if you only have a tiny amount then you can treat it like a fancy lottery ticket each time.
    Look at what the minimum trades (= fees) are to work out the minimum you could play with, I bet it’s under $5.
    You could look for potentially huge assets that are totally undervalued right now due to not being in properly play yet, like VERITASEUM, which is around $16 right now, buy them in bits and just keep hold of them, when they eventually rise you might trade some for BTC or LTC (which will probably be our money). (You probably have to buy BTC and then trade it for Veri on Mercatox or something, but you can buy a very small amount).
    !make sure you know what the withdrawal fees from the exchange wallet are before you play with a coin in it. (Bomb withdrawals were 5 BOMB right up into the $10 range before they lowered it to 1 BOMB), but if you’re going to trade it back for something else it doesn’t really matter.

  18. I think FOMO will start as soon as we hit 10k, and that there will be a selling point at 20k

  19. Don’t sleep on Bitcoin cash 🚀. Halving is coming up! 🐸
    Buy now before it’s too late

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