La mia reazione a Toni Vays mi chiama fuori! Rivendicazioni che Ethereum & Tron sono Sh!tcoins grilletto contraccolpo!

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La mia reazione a Toni Vays mi chiama fuori! Rivendicazioni che Ethereum & Tron sono Sh!tcoins grilletto contraccolpo!


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  1. There’s something very wrong with these narrow minded Bitcoin maximalist.. Very strange indeed how shut out they are without even knowing what they are dissing.. no diff. from Bitcoin & Crypto haters etc..

  2. Tone is just a salty guy.. Elliot, love your content and appreciate all the work you’re doing! I’m also extremely glad you presented Krown he’s really good and educative about TA I’ve been following him since and thank you for that 🙂

  3. Listened to him oncei dunno why people bother with this vay idiotmost whales got lucky back in 2017 now they think they KNOW everythingonly very few people ACTUALLY understand TA and know how to educate people humbly without pretentionmy preferences are FUD TV, crypto Kirby and Crypto universityCHEERS!🙌✌💖

  4. Fud nation thanks you for responding to him. Even with your clapback you are respectful, and he definitely deserves to be treated a bit more harsh, but nevertheless you made your point well and defended the project and the alt coin space.

    You pointed out some red flags and the public needs to know about ignorant ranters like Tone. I said it from the interview video, he has to always be right even if he sounds like an idiot he’s like a sociopath.

    Thank God there is people like you and Crown. Thanks for what you do! Go Tron!

  5. Elliot , you were very respectful to this man, you are 100 percent right in what u say, i stand with you.Combined with the Big Smile when u bloated his Ego with you calling him wise and the way he responds now to your interview is a Narcissist confirmed !! probably paid by Blocksttream

  6. Tone Vay’s background: Got REKT in traditional markets. He is unwatchable. I used to wait until his monotone (pun intended) hour stream was over and fast forward to the 5 minutes of T.A. (I can count to 9), Thank you so much! I’ll see you in the secret T.A. room. 😉

  7. Tone Vay is soo sure about himself and anybody that sure about themself is self grandized ego maniac. Tone is bad for Bitcoin community. You are too gentlemen Elliot.

  8. That was a very professional interview you did with Tone. The problem is Tone is a bitcoin extremist, not maximalist. Lost all respect for this clown after his response to this interview. Glad this 3rd generation of crypto investors isn’t buying what he’s selling. It was also kinda funny watching him learn about Tron in real time.. like he’s really never even researched any of the other coins/tokens in the top 20 before. Hell he can’t even do basic research on who he’s being interviewed by because he doesn’t have time? The most bullshit of excuses to the people who are actually building. He doesn’t have time because he’s busy shilling his trading courses even though he doesn’t trade. Dude just dug his own crypto grave.

  9. That’s just his personality man. It’s kind of been the narrative all year that everything besides Bitcoin is terrible and Bitcoin is going to $1,000 and then magically recovering right after he buys it all at that price. Everyone on YouTube has an opinion and a thought process. I still think the best person you’ve ever had on is krown. I wouldn’t let tone get under your skin it’s just how he is.

  10. I’ve seen the way Tone acts during a debate. He’s full of his own ego and allows emotions to get the best of him. That’s probably why he doesn’t trade anymore. Emotions is a money killer and Tone has a lot of bent up emotional frustration. BAM!!!
    It’s time to grow up Tone. There are other views out there that are just valid as you own.

  11. Congratulations, you just out classed Tone Vays 100 times over. Welcome to my subscription Group. Nice work exposing this guys ignorance. He’s lost all credibility.

  12. I do my friend, that’s why I think he is full of himself. If you dig in more what he says about bitcoin, he doesn’t even believe much in bitcoin either. He is talking about btc all the time is he is scamming from his own followers by charging .10 BTC. His followers are getting big time duped by hum. Do you know he agrees most of things with that phony Prof. Nouriel. If you dont believe me then watch his panel discussion with Phony Professor Nouriel.

  13. tone vays is short sighted outside his own personal views. This is in my opinion is a dangerous view in the space. He alone will be his undoing….

  14. sì, I’m a new subscriber of @Krown’s Crypto Cave because of his recent FUD TV interview. This interviewer is a sharp and honorable guy.

  15. Tone revealed his lack of knowledge. It’s widely known that haters in Crypto are losing their following, credibility and charm. It doesn’t work in a maturing market space. You were super fair so just let it go. Chin up.

  16. who r u to b a judge and jury on a mans credibility? see what Mr Vays has been doing with spreading the news and his coming Las Vegas show this week….

  17. Kyle V Krown might be a good TA guy but if you want to get longer term analysis on BTC check out filbfilb Twitter and tradingview page, that person keeps amazing me!

  18. Mason Lifestyle check out filbfilb Twitter and tradingview page, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  19. +mrjoefly1 If there is no wagon, there wouldn’t be a car today. But I don’t want to buy a wagon in 2019.

  20. 9 Creation
    What if the wagon was more decentralized and peer to peer ? What if the wagon was unconfiscatable? What then?

  21. +willpower242 but those things are true ofshitcoinstoo mostly. Like what if everything about wagons was also present in cars, except no animals to feed and house? Some people like animals, not everyone has the time though

  22. Good points man.. One thing though, showing respect doesn’t mean U have to always agree, not question & blindly follow everything. Just cos someone’s older doesn’t mean they’re always right. Times change, the world changes all the time, even in & outside of Crypto tech, what’s right today may not apply tmr etc.. If we’re not flexible & adapt to changes, we’ll die.

  23. Kelvin Tan what is wrong is that they are holding a lot of bitcoin ! don’t you get it they are long bitcoin ! That is their agenda. I am also long bitcoin because it’s the safest play in the space

  24. Only a point by point debate between Tone and Elliot would be conclusive. This video is an easy cheap shot.

  25. It’s no win for Elliot to achieve more and more low IQ subscriptions because what he’s already got, he’ll have more of. That is to say low IQ people making low IQ assertions because they feel threatened.

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