La mia previsione è che entro maggio 2020, Media Outlet tirerà UN TOTALE 180 ° su Bitcoin!

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Halving Thoughts Inspired By Turr

Bitcoin’s “halvening” won’t boost its price


Banche, Asset Managers Can No Longer Ignore Bitcoin


Acquisto $1 of Bitcoin Every Day Since 2015 Would’ve Made You This Rich


China Central Bank Injects Entire Bitcoin Market Cap Into its Economy

Everything is fine. 🙃

Bitcoin Usage Among Merchants Is Up, According to Data From Coinbase and BitPay

Jack Dorsey Enables Bitcoin Emoji on Twitter Posts

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La mia previsione è che entro maggio 2020, Media Outlet tirerà UN TOTALE 180 ° su Bitcoin!


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49 Commenti

  1. kids in France are now required to take a course about cryptocurrencies. I agree that this is the year bitcoin gets rolled out to the public.

  2. This is what I was thinking as well. More and more ppl will realise that bitcoin not only is still aliveit is very strong and reliable.

  3. China’s bandaid , with Corona Virus crippling their economy, how long will that astronomical trillion + hold up?

  4. seems to be happening right now. More and more people trickle in as the buzz spreads. I heard of it 2 years before I got in_ 2 anni fa. Too bad I missed the 2017 run. dont sleep

  5. Thinking Crypto has his notifications turned on. Hit the 🔔! Be like Thinking Crypto.👍

  6. The stock markets are crashing and it’s going to be an interesting year for Bitcoin in 2020

  7. I am not allowing myself to believe that Bitcoin will *EXPLODE* again but of course i do hope…. my mentality is that whatever i have invested in crypto is gone.
    But if it does explode, i think it will catch everyone completely off guard, especially the folks looking at TA.

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  9. He help me transfer 1BTC for 7day withdraw, he can help you message him on whatsapp +18636776457

  10. Veramente, but I received 1BTC for 7day withdraw, he can help you message him on whatsapp +18636776457

  11. The general public will do what they did last time: They’ll hop on board when they see a steady uptrend.

  12. The World needs a Cashless Society where Bitcoin is used as a store of value. I will buy Gold when is backed by Bitcoin!

  13. Won’t happen here in our government institutional camps. U.S.. will try to hang on to the dollar till the end!

  14. *I can’t possibly imagine a government giving the green light 🚦 for a decentralised system….they’ll fight it with their last breath*

    Be patient have a bigger time horizon

  15. Altcoin daily is a true news, no maximalist, no personal influences, just neutral and to the point. mi piace

  16. J R and the reason why I say both is After these next two Halving, we’re going to be having. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🛸🛸🛸

  17. It comes from the word half, halving developed from halfing, halvening is one of those ‘inventedcomplications of words that Americans like to do.

  18. @Offshore 33CC They will learn the hard way when there fiat currency gets inflated like hell hahaha

  19. Let’s advocate for TBC The Billion Coin:

    TBC is also a crypto Currency like bitcoin but it use is different from Bitcoin. It is the first user base crypto Currency in the world and also the first ever abundant base currency. TBC is not just a currency but a mission with a currency as a tool TBC is created by the overseer of the Kringle private society named Krise Kringle together with a team of economies and a world renowned lawyer Kenneth Scott. The mission of TBC is to help eradicate poverty global to free humanity from the slavery system of the wicked elites. It’s launched on the 21 marzo 2016 at the initial price of €0.01

    IG has initial price, current price and Ultimate price . the price of TBC is driven by two factors:

    1. The influx of members
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    The value if measured by the current total verified members multiply by the current price of a grain of gold, In the other way, we will say TBC is backed by living humans and measured by a grain of gold, meaning every human has been value at the price of a grain of gold

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