Il mio più grande rimpianto in criptovaluta [Bitcoin Prospettiva]

Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra!!

sì! Si sta andando piace questo video. Today I want to talk about my biggest regrets as a cryptocurrency investor. And learn! Let's finish off the year strong team.


Sei d'accordo con il mio ragionamento? Dammi i tuoi pensieri?


Piace. sottoscrivi.

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**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!
**NON consulenza finanziaria! proprio opinione. Prendere le proprie decisioni!

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Il mio più grande rimpianto in criptovaluta [Bitcoin Prospettiva]

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  1. My biggest regret in crypocurrency was procrastinating back in late 2012 when I wanted to buy my first bitcoins. I had only just bought my house though and I was getting my condo ready for a renter, so I wouldn’t have to sell my old condo in that horrible real estate market. I had the money I could have got in but I didn’t think it was urgent. I loved the way Bitcoin can lock away some of your wealth and make it very resistant to seizure and theft but I wasn’t expecting the value to skyrocket like it did. And then in late 2013 my face fell into my open hands and I moaned in grief for a solid 5 minuti. The grief stayed with me over the next few weeks and my mind wouldn’t let go of what might have happened if I had chosen correctly back in 2012. My mind was constructing scenarios of what could have happened and then the rest of my mind seemed to be trying to go live in that fake reality I had created. That left less and less attention for my normal day to day activities. I realized then that I was in trouble. It took a surprising amount of effort to rip myself out of that fake world and back into reality. In moments of inattention I’d drift back there and each time I had to say no, and refuse to allow it. It took a couple weeks to get my soul back, so to speak, and focus on reality. I figured that while I had missed the giant run-up to 1200 dollari, maybe I could salvage something from the disaster. So I sighed with regret, rolled up my sleeves and began buying what bitcoin I could afford, learning about it (at least as much as a diesel mechanic, non programmer, guy like myself was able to) and I’ve been doing so ever since. I bought all the way down to 200 as the price dropped and dropped in 2014, and I bought most of the way through 2015 as the price stabilized and built support. Then I bought through 2016 e 2017. I panic sold half my bitcoins when Vinny Lingham claimed insider knowledge insisting that bitcoins would go back to 400, and In my panic I sold at 900 e 1100 (enough to payoff my house). And as soon as I sold, the price started going back up. Panic selling like that is something I can never recover from but I do, almeno, enjoy having a paid off house and without the mortgage I was able to start buying more aggressively. Now my mechanic wages vastly overshadow my expenses. My after tax income is 4600, my spending is 1400, and my surplus is usually over 3000 un mese. Anyway I continued buying bitcoin all the way up to 18k, and all the way back down to 5300 last week. Usually I can buy 0.15 or so but last week I could get 0.17. And if the price remains in this range I’ll get 0.22 next week. I’ll continue this until the price increases to the point where I can retire (11 years early if it happens next year). If I hadn’t made those two mistakes I’d be retired by now, but I’m still very lucky to be where I am. I’ll continue to buy even if it drops to 1000 ancora. Even if it takes a few more years, I’m very bullish on bitcoin going forward.

  2. Early adoption still 3-5 years away. We’re the lunatic fringe! Always listen to Andreas Antonopoulos!
    HODL on my friend!

  3. If you learn from your mistakes, than it souldn’t even be a regret.Great word of advice, my friend!

  4. Hmm.. well I’d have to say my biggest regret in crypto is not listening to people who told me the dip was going to be multi-year. I kept sayingNo no no, there’s too much adoption, too much good news, this one will be fast.There were times where I would look at my portfolio and thinkMan I can survive for years with thiswell now most of that money is gone and I refuse to sell and I’m in a much worse situation haha. But I’m just happy I’m here. I love crypto, whether it’s making me broke or making me rich. This is the first job I’ve had that I really enjoy, even though it’s not really a job since I’m self-employed. Anybody out there hiring?

  5. Team, don’t regret on your decision. Nessuno, not even
    .0001% can predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

  6. a lot of us are in your situation nug, ive been living off the 2017 fat all this year, but not as much on the bone now, so all i can do is look at other types of investment, shares, commercio, options etc, to make up for less i can live off from btc price

  7. Altcoin Daily Yup 🙂 he didn’t have any hard feelings. He did peaked at 3X profit. Now he’s 60% down by hodling with an investment of 18 months salary.

  8. I read about Bitcoin around 2010. It was pennies in value. Loved the idea , but I didn’t know how to buy it , how to store it. I just didn’t understand what the hell was going on. It all seemed complicated , but what can you do ? That’s the way it goes.

  9. getting to know Mr Brent was a great opportunity for me because I was able to recover more than what i loosed in the crypto market.

  10. I should count my blessings. Il 2017 fortune didn’t really seem real to me, so I just kind of ignored it and went on a vacation I had scheduled. Once I got back the crash was mostly done, so I just shrugged my shoulders and continued with my diesel mechanic job. I’ve kept buying every month since I got back from vacation and I plan to keep buying until bitcoins hit 15k or so. With my frugal lifestyle and the fact that I’m already rather old, (and have fewer years left that I need to budget for) that should be plenty.

  11. alls we can do now is ride it out.been threw this before in 2008 401k lost 50 percent.stay calm do not panic i bought high also

  12. My biggest crypto regret was not taking profits during the run to ATHs. Now we’re in a bear market for no one knows how long and I never took profits at allGuess all there’s left to do is, HODL and stay strong!

  13. Happy Thanks Giving Austin, Aaron and Crypto Family. 💕 I have many regrets when it comes to getting into Cryptocurrency and I am learning from my mistakes, which will make me a better investor now and in the future. 😁

  14. I don’t have any regrets! I have made all these same mistakes. Are they really mistakes? No… They are lessons that will eventually help us make better decisions in 2019 🙂

  15. BTC is old tech slow not able to scale and very hungry for power. It is old tech that either gets readjusted or it will become obsoleteimho. I don’t hold BTC and dont support this kind of power consumption.

  16. Its all about the elites now , how much of the current bitcoin is going to be held by elites for all of us , we are all exhausted cost averaging all the way down , and then we are finally broken and 1 wallet in 3 days has accumulated 1 billion dolars in bitcoin , that is not us , retail 1 billion not 100 milione , thats a BEZOS investor , and thats also what 330k bitcoin , and multiple 100 million wallets , that will be the future issue , I am hodling at this point , i am stuck , i hodled everything and got totally wreckt but also just grabbed some good projects like SKYCOIN , GVT , KMD 50k TPS and 51% poroof , and then some more VET , last January my binance account was almost same sats as now , except i didnt have my 25 ltc in it or ETH , and I am just totally fed , i just think now its just put it away and come back and be rich in a few years

  17. CARDANO ICON ONTOLOGY etcthese projects just created at last bullrun to dump your BTC and ETH thats all, they bring nothing new on to the table just promising of long term earning no use case no real community,not even backed by good developers or a strong company.. simply they have nothing.. you will see sell off when ever they see a good buy wall. kids know nothing about this market I was here before 2012 seen hunderds of projects like these, just look at the gains of last 24hours in some alts such GNT BAT POLY ZRX.. projects. these are waiting for next bullrun with high possibility of 500X-1000X profits

  18. I don’t see much of a rally happening soon, even towards the end of the year. We’ve clearly been in a bear market, and I think this one is going to last a while.

  19. +mentugo
    *>I remember you posting back then (march/april 17) about you selling parts of your stack because of Lingham*
    si, He’s not my favorite person for that. I blame him and I blame myself. Oh bene, just like in 2014, I’m doing what I can to repair the damage. I cut my spending and ramped my bitcoin purchases up to 1000 usd every paycheck, and every month that goes by I’m another 0.3 btc ahead and that decreases the bitcoin price I need to pull the plug on my job. Don’t get me wrong. I actually kinda like my job. I was born to be a mechanic and even though I’m slowing down and feeling my years at age 53 I’m still very useful at work.
    *>I sold part of my stack end of May but what I’ve left in game run up and made me very happy.*
    Anch'io. I’m very grateful for what I have, and since today is Thanksgiving, it’s a very appropriate day to be thankful.
    *>But money isn’t everything as I know now*
    Indeed. I’ve heard that quite a bit. I’m not really after a giant fortune. I just want freedom from the rat race.
    *>and playing mind games withwhat ifscenarios is dangerous. Stay healthy and lucky mate.*
    No doubt about that. It was addictive. And yes I’ll stay as healthy and lucky as possible, Grazie.

  20. Appreciate you taking the time to share, Brandon. sono d'accordo, most alts wont make in the long run, but I think some have value.

  21. +Altcoin Daily first of all I’am only with 2 % of my portfolio invested in crypto anymoresecond my biggest holding is TKY.

  22. +Altcoin Daily smiling 🙂 thank you for this great channel. I am always looking forward to the next content you post. Continuate così! Bye for now

  23. @mentugo Soo True. I don’t hold BTC either. Takes too long to confirm. Litecoin is faster and way better than Bitcoin.

  24. VentionMGTOW reply: during the the start of the 20 century their were over 2000 car manufactures who would guest that GM, Ford, and Chrysler would have been the big three auto manufacturers. Same for airlines their were 4000 airlines, started up in 20 century by 1990 all airlines had a zero net balance. Who can say what investment are going to make money or not. Bitcoin is got lucky but right now it is being heavy manipulated because their are no regulations against cheating you.

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