Monero Headed to $18k!? Ripple’s XRP Primed for 97% Crash!? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Is Monero Headed to $18k?? Is Ripple Price Primed for 97% Crash??


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Monero Headed to $18K!? Ripple's XRP Primed for 97% Crash!? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]


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  1. LOL, this report is ludicrous. Totally biased. The authors must be invested in Monero big time !! LOL You’re not missing anything. XRP will be used (and is already used) with XRapid and with Coil but theseexpertsprobably don’t even know that….

  2. So called smart people aren’t necessarily souse your own judgement. Do your own research.

  3. Monero does seem undervalued. Perhaps in dollar crisis, the criminal whales will seek a place to hide their trillions in XMR (perhaps also Dash and Zcash)? Also still optimistic for XLM for transfers.

  4. Looks to me like one of the MANY large institutional groups gearing up to inter huge amounts of money into this space. History clearly shows that this is their MO and has always been. They will put out FUD and BS. Then they will get the complicit media to have them on and spread it even further. And at the same time they are buying these coins by the Millions. If you want this 100% explained look up the show Teeka Tiwari did with Glenn Beck.( July 19th 2018) History proves this has been done at every single pre bull run entry point.

  5. They price ADA at 0.001 and EOS at 0.05 if this turns out to be true there will be alot of people googling how to make a noose .

  6. Monero is the king of privacy coins; però, it depends on people where they want to store their money. Personalmente, I think they can’t go wrong with Dash/Zcash either.

  7. How can XRP crash when xrapid is going live by the end of the year.. XRP will
    Only rise once activated and they need a higher price for
    Liquidity .

  8. Jackson Whitfield I’m in the same boat as you, don’t worry tho, we will be fine!! These guys that wrote this article have an agenda it’s obvious

  9. That article is some BSXRP will be dead that is actually being used and partnered with banks and Monero being attractive towards Criminals. I have no doubt Bitcoin will do very well but for Stellar and Ethereum to fail…. unlikely xD BCash and EOS I do not give a crap about so whatevers.

  10. this article is BS. we are in the infancy of the crypto revolution. Having predictions about the success or failure of each of the top coins is ludicrous. XRP is already being adopted and will likely be a big winner in the next year. Total FUD!

  11. Jackson WhitfieldXRP is the only digital asset with real world utility. It’s trading volume is going to increase drastically in Q4. Banks and institutions are going to hold itmillions of people are going to hold itit’s going to be above $5 EOY.

  12. Yeah some of those projections seem like blatant guesses to me. haha their name is very close to satan.

  13. About 4 thousand transactions per day on the monero blockchain, nobody really cares about anonymity. Besides that, governments will ban the use of anonymous cryptos making their value extremely limited. Proof that nobody cares about anonymity: everyone uses credit/debit cards to pay for anything they buy these days. The people that wrote the article are clueless and not crypto experts.

  14. Too much risk in these privacy coins, that why nearly all of them shot down in price over regulatory concerns earlier this year.

    Governments can step in and pull it down 90% in value just like that. Reason i never bought any (privacy coins).
    Saying it will go to anywhere over 1,000$ is very very bullish and unlikely.

  15. Are these guys serious? Predicting 10 years in the future of crypto! and giving numbers WTF

  16. The explanation is much simpler my friend, and much more transparent- the founder/ CEO of Satis is emma Channing former exec at Argon where she was fired for misconduct last year. The guy that wrote the article works under her and is the developer of intercoin , which he believes is a better platform than the XRP protocol, he has Twitter back and for with David last December about his beliefs that their new protocol was superior.. so basically is just a smear piece against XRP and XLM bc they want their platform to be adopted and to have their clients invest in It now that they are gonna offer it lolso pathetic

  17. You saidIf you invest just $1 in monero today, you would have $18000 in 10 anni”.
    According to that rediculous chart right in front of you, you would have about $380.

  18. Glenn Ryan The stronger regulations get the higher in price Monero will go in my opinion. It’s pretty much impossible to regulate Monero because it has no company behind it.

  19. Verità. I saw this posted on ccn and wanted to get ahead of it, but is seems like a lot of blatant guessing.

  20. forget about xrp, get XLQ super undervalued right now at about 0.11$ I think it will reach 5$-7$ in a year

  21. Crypto Army News nope…. lol- she’s a documented fraud and propagating a obvious junk agenda.. I’m sure she’s a “ok” person in general but as far as being a voice for crypto investments she’s a obvious fraudthe only reason a few media outlets took the Storch is because they are paid by these entities in very large sums lol“Forbes” “Ethereum net” etc etc are Just garbage net media sources peddling whatever is the highest click batesyes she is a terrible Person in the space- she stole money from legitimate projects at argon and she just started a low level nothing firm with a handful of other rejects from the same company.. don’t defend what you don’t know.

  22. +Justin Slidell Who cares. She could be clever though. And never dismiss someone’s intellect no matter what bad things she’s done. She could be intellectual for all we know and this report might hold truth not saying it is but hours of craft was put into this. Bad things she did yes. But being clever theres more to it then this story. Everyone is quick to jump on the attack without knowing the person. And how do you know I agree maybe she did that but you don’t know the person in real life how can you assume that? lol. People are getting annoyed truly to the fact they don’t like the prices they see. lol.

  23. valuta (XMR) has been my #1 Crypto and will be. I mine it, buy it and hodl it. It’s everything Crypto stands for in my opinion.

  24. +Blockchain Educated Interviews let’s put this in a different perspective whether or not the report hold any validity or if they are correct about their predictions is her to be seen, however we do have to consider the fact for reasoning behind her termination along with several other employees late nov 2017. Whatever the case may be, she has refused to comment only to state around that time that she would start her own company (Satis) con effetto immediato, the rest is all speculation with not clear evidence, Bitcoin was treated the same way as XRP, e ETH, the problem with this Crypto War, is that for the moment there is no clear winner, BTC remains dominant of course because it has advantage over the competition, but for how long no one knows, if Monero takes over, then it would be a benefit in our part to take advantage of whatever we see having strong evidence as the winner, follow the bandwagon as they say. Of course that doesn’t sound like any fun but neither losing an opportunity to make profit, I would invest in both companies, do I like XRP? sì, I hope it does well like all others you just lay your chips where they lie and hope for the best.
    But if theres one thing that does bother to me is when people put so much emphasis on future price, its understand able if you get sucked into the hype, Jim guilty of it too, but we always have to be cautious, anything could happen, the stock market is crashing and crypto seems to going and down trying to stabilize after its major loss, one can only hope for the best and prepare for whatever is to come.

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