IF This HappensThis Will Be A Once In A GENERATIONAL Buying Opportunity. [Bitcoin Notizie]

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If Bitcoin dips it will be a once in a lifetime buy according to CNCB’s Brian Kelly. Anche, Let’s go over recent news including pro athletes in support of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin heading higher, says Fundstrat's Tom Lee

Bitcoin heading higher, says Fundstrat's Tom Lee


NBA Star to Convert His $34M Contract into a Digital Investment

Bitcoin Confirmed As New Sleeve Partner

40% of American Millennials Would Invest in Cryptocurrencies During a Recession

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IF This HappensThis Will Be A Once In A GENERATIONAL Buying Opportunity. [Bitcoin Notizie]

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74 Commenti

  1. It is never going below 9K coz there are too many buyers below 10K and I’m one of them and I will keep loading up.

    A proposito, where some see a descending triangle, others see a huge bull flag.

  2. Nowadays i give you guys a like before i start watching! Keep up the great work. 😁 also enjoying the man on the street segments.

  3. The Watford things is by far the biggest news. A team in the most popular league in the world, in the most popular sport in the world.

  4. That’s the thing, the media could be lying to you and telling you facts at the same timeBest choice really is to use your intuition

  5. @Memyself Here in 2017 all the coins under a penny mooned, so this time i would suggest coins like dent pundi x and zilliqa are must holds right now

  6. @Dan T. I retired last year and that is one of my concerns. Will I still be around when crypto is in everyday use.

  7. @DJ M1NDHACK3R gonna start slowing down though to $100-150 every 2 weeks and mainly towards Alts instead once Bitcoin goes to 20k, I wanna work on getting more into IPOs that are related to gene therapy and biopharmaceuticals. I’m honestly blessed even if thesmallestamount that I obtain from all of this work is “appena” 40k that I can put into a future retirement home that I can rent out for the time beingI’m only in my mid 20s lol

  8. @Devin Isreal No one listened to me back in 2012 o. They thought that it was a scam back then too. People are just too stupid to realize how great the bitcoin protocol is.

  9. @A Dub it’s not. You have the opportunity to do one right now not the other. What you could have done in the past isn’t even worth considering. It’s not something you can currently do.

  10. yeah its a bullflag on the longterm but descending triangle on the short termWhats your point…???? shorterm well drop a bit and long term will go upnothing newif everybody including the news are saying buying opurtinity now it means we got one more drop to gonooobs

  11. A good year for the sp500 was a good year for Bitcoin”. Uh, che cosa? Pure coincidence twisted into causation. Incredible nonsense. New all time highs on the stock market? si, let’s see about that.

  12. @A Dub u also could of picked the correct lotto numbers or the right horse.. the point is the plan is to be in bitcoin for the long hall and make some serious coin.

  13. @robert ortiz, we may drop to something like $8,900 for a short time, but i do not see it dropping as low as some are predicting, like $6k or less. The news font is very positive (bakkt, ETF, normativa, halving, eccetera.). Although you never know with this immature market, i just dont think that it will fall that significantly. People already understand that BTC is the most resistant coin against the downward pressures.

  14. @jimmy james The plan is to buy the dip when everyone is afraid to buy. Right now is not a good time to buy BTC, but a good time to sell it if you bought below 4k earlier this year. Wait till it comes way down again. 10k is too high right now. If you buy right now you’ll get dumped because you’re buying the hype that is hyped up by paid shills. YouTube is full of channels that are paid to pump the price of BTC when it’s already up. If you’re buying at 10k you’ll get dumped.

  15. As long as you’re investing an amount that is safe for your income level and time horizon. I have 95% of my portfolio in traditional stocks, obbligazioni, etfs, and REITs. I haven’t added to that amount since April. Everything since April has been Bitcoin and a few Alts. When the s&p500 tanks again, I’ll go all in on traditionals again.

  16. @jimmy james you could also rob a bank, get an inheritance blah blah blah….it’s pointless to mention all thatwhat you could doWhen AGAIN the discussion was buying btc at 3200-3400 vs now at 10.3k….your boy said it’s no difference in the big picture. That is wrong. AGAIN in the example $10.3k bought you 3 btc then….buys you only 1 now. That IS a big difference in the big picture. Quello è $3 million dollars vs $1 million dollars when/if btc reaches $1 million per coin. Thats a $2 million dollar difference….not a $2 difference. That’s a big difference in the big picture. You’re looking silly and desperate trying to argue against this specific fact.

  17. So if they say it could drop to 8500 for one last buy. Would that mean it will pump up or dump way below. Ultimate mind f*ck

  18. @Jannib Andelo Bayutas I’ll be honest, I don’t like XRP from an investment standpoint. I think what the company is doing is great, but big banks don’t like volatile currencies. This means it’s probably in Ripple’s best interests to keep XRP stable if they want bank adoption. And that’s why I think they are dumping on the market. I don’t invest in stable coins and I think the future of XRP is a stable coin.

  19. This asset will go to multi-millions persay 5-10 mil each. This will of course NOT happen overnight but will manifest in a few years. Must factor in the fiat helicopter currencies devaluation. Best way to liquidate at that time is to just spend it and not ‘cash out

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