Bitcoin ha buone possibilità per colpire 100k nei prossimi Bull Run..But perché non media People Care?

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The Black-Scholes model

The Black-Scholes model

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SEC Charges Token Sale Platform ICOBox With Securities Violations

SEC Charges Token Sale Platform ICOBox With Securities Violations


Alchemy Opens Up Bitcoin Payment to 1.2 Million Merchants in Asia

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Bitcoin Has A Good Chance To Hit 100k In the Next Bull Run..But Why Don't Average People Care?

51 Commenti

  1. Because average people are slaves of rich.. rich people accumulating by spreading negativity on average people fell victim

  2. My friends calling BTc scamI said I don’t have answer todaybutI told them to wait till 2022..i will answer u..

  3. They dont want sheeps in the game because illumidonkey and rich ppl want to keep their power. Decentralized sure, but who has the most btc? Be aware

  4. Average Joe simply doesn’t GAF about monetary systems, economics etc. They just don’t care. They just care about garbage TV shows, FB and IG. Garbage!

  5. Some people just like physical things.. they would rather buy a DVD than download a movie..or buy a record rather than download the album. I’m kinda like that with my video games to be honest. It was a hard sell to convince people that paper money had we are trying to convince them something that they can’t even see has more value than that piece of paper. Then there are the stories about exchanges getting hacked and people losing their money, ot people losing their money in the bear market. Most people don’t like to take financial risks, but anyone who has made their own fortune has had to stick their necks out and hope it didn’t get chopped off one time or another. E…just the word “crypto” mane people think there’s something cryptic about it that they won’t understand, so rather than try to understand..they don’t want to be embarrassed that they don’t. (even though there’s nothing to it .) Anche, the word Crypto has the word crypt in it, and subconsciously we associate that with the dead.

  6. Understanding Bitcoin requires precoiners to shatter several assumptions we make about our financial system. Many of these are alarming/scary which is why it’s easier for them to just say that we are the crazy ones.

    Like the old adage goes, “You can lead a man to financial sovereignty, but you can’t make home buy Bitcoin.” 🤦‍♂️

  7. Not going to college, 19 years old and working full time investing into crypto currency. One day I’ll use my portfolio to start my business. Good luck everybody.

  8. Visualize the world as a cart. 90% are in the cart and 10% are pulling the cart. Sad but true. That’s why there is a curve to adoption.

  9. You can lead a horse to wateryou can’t force them to drink itthey must come to that conclusion themselves

  10. @DJ M1NDHACK3R ok, Euro etc is a scam. But who cares? That’s the problemI also love bitcoin dont misunderstand.

  11. Matthew 13:57
    And they took offense at him.

    But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home.”

  12. I told my friends to just pay attention.

    But they can’t even invest 10 minutes per day to watch altcoin daily.

  13. Excellent work guys I’m happy you never gave up in the bear market. I didn’t give up and I kept watching You guys hustle hard. Much respect

  14. @Vaibhav Kotla It is just funny money imo, it go´s up down up down like people are playing with the price and people´s psychology.

  15. that video looked like they were just trying to sell me something. Secondo me. But know, I do not know the coins they were talking about..

  16. @James Moore i sent him some of my miners xD would pay his rent there if they could run for free there 😂😂😂

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