Beginning Of The End Of The Year Bitcoin Bull Run? [criptovaluta Notizie]

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra!

Let me give you my thoughts on what this Bitcoin rally means.

Piace. sottoscrivi.

Not Financial Advice. proprio opinione.

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Beginning Of The End Of The Year Bitcoin Bull Run? [criptovaluta Notizie]

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  1. So much for the bull run 😛 Market down 10% in 1 ora. Well people been calling the bull run basicly all year. There are always some sources that is saying the bullrun will come very soon. But lets hope it atleast goes back to 20k Bitcoin by the end of the year. Seems like mostexpertspredicted like between 20k-50k Bitcoin EOY. So if we dont even reach close to $20K Bitcoin I will never listen so a so-called expert again 😛

  2. this 8mth downtrend is a natural correction of the much longer uptrend if you span out a few yrs. natural levels in my opinion for this is around 4k..possibly lower i dare say?! until recently in my opinion it was a suckers rally and in terms of mkt cycles probably at the despair stage. maybe this is start of capitulation stage beforw the reall bull mkt begins? just an opinion and not a fact 😉

  3. I hope you are right. I know it won’t be a straight line. I just want to see over 8.5k and then I’ll feel it has started the run.

  4. I am ok with a drop so I can pick up a little moreon salebefore we start a new bull run. Looks like that might be today. Grazie per le informazioni!

  5. I am a long term trader….I will hold my Litecoin for long long time coz I am a believer. I believed its going to be worth $7000 presto; so I will keep on pumping when it is in the deep for when BTC is a gold, LTC is a silver, soon institutional investors would come in and at that time I may cash out some of the gains…..and so I have to discipline myself not to look on the coinmarketcap all the time, but only once a week.

  6. You predicted the market would go down again before a bull run And sure enough it did. Thanks for showing us trends. Good video.

  7. Question to you and all fellow cryptoloversI would love to hear perspective about riding that wave of last years bull run. Did you learn anything from it, and is there anything you would do differently? Grazie!!

  8. The bigger the news, the harder the drop mate!! When bitcoin will die then the price will spike!!

  9. Did you watch the whole video? In it I mention that the rally is nothing new and that we will go back down

  10. That’s what I was wondering : ) Ovviamente, we want to make as much as we can, but don’t want to miss out on more profit. Such hard decisions. I appreciate your honesty.

  11. if you want true information check crypto kirby, no bllsht no idiot predictions nothing about all of this 99% crap on youtube just true savage trading and spot on every single video every day!

  12. +Altcoin Daily fair point. most of the volume associated with price levels appears to be around the sept17 lows which is around 4300 mark..who knows i gues..maybe it will mirror more the bear markets of 2014/2015 and go even lower before finding true bottom. All i do know is at those levels alts are going to be so cheap that if you concentrate on ones with a working product then this is a 2nd chance in a lifetime to obtain the monumental gains similar to/better than btc in 2017/2018. I wasnt in the game to capitalise that time. I wont make the same mistake twice 😉

  13. Seems that we are in a steady down trend still . Each new high is lower so no bull market yet and maybe not until November 2019.

  14. We are looking for that break out! Seeing higher highs and lowsWhat we saw this morning is clearly manipulation.

  15. Altcoin Daily well sure, it typically does after an upward run. I just….didn’t expect it to fall off a cliff within an hour. 🤣🤣. I’m so tired of this 😑

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