BAT set to Moon? How Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token crypto can fix the internet!

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BAT set to Moon? How Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token crypto can fix the internet!

27 Commenti

  1. Good morning Elliot! Hey I got a new gig making racecars!! bring on some fresh FIAT!!! 🙂 🙂 Have a great day, signore!!

  2. This seems like it could be a very useful browser for the company I work for with over 15k employees and handling sensitive patient data

  3. SCALABILITÀ! You’ve missed the elephant in the room. How many transactions per second do you need to monitor in real time user behaviour on the internet.

  4. I am not impressed. For withdrawal BAT like publisher you need give your personal details KYC. Also what would force the users to install a browser that does not have a direct benefits also like publishers.

  5. I’m using the Brave browser right now withDuckDuckGoas the search engine. My security is now air tight (credo …). You did a good job with this overview. I learned better how it will work.

  6. This is definitely the big one!!! This is literally life, freedom, respect, and true privacy! If you do not grab up the BAT you are literally crazy! This is the new chrome!!!! Don’t sleep on this one or you will be missing out!!!

  7. I love Brave but haven’t given yet I need to I guess you can purchase BAT with money, that is why I haven’t given yet, it seems that Google has been bought by Google the new version is just like Google but no Ads and you still have BAT but I do not know how you enable extensions on the new version like Bit Warden which is a great password safe.

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