L'attenzione di base Token Soaring Into 2019! Nevada & Colorado Rialzista Crypto! Carta di debito Coinbase!

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L'attenzione di base Token Soaring Into 2019! Nevada & Colorado Rialzista Crypto! Carta di debito Coinbase!

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Brave passes 5.5 million monthly active users and features over 28,000 Verified Publishers

Nevada Issues Almost 1,000 Marriage Certificates on Ethereum, But Gov’t Acceptance Varies

Colorado Considers Bill Giving Cryptocurrencies Limited Exemptions From Securities Laws

Pundi X's Blockchain Phone Goes Beyond Crypto

Superiore 5 Bitcoin Debit Cards (2019 Edition)

Superiore 5 Bitcoin Debit Cards (2019 Edition)

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L'attenzione di base Token Soaring Into 2019! Nevada & Colorado Rialzista Crypto! Carta di debito Coinbase!

46 Commenti

  1. Ciao! Great vid. I got Brave on my smart phone but i dont see where thetriangleis to turn on ads to make tokens?? Does the smart phone brave have it? Brave is cool tho. Grazie!

  2. I love Brave, been using it on all my devices for a long time now. Not sure whether BAT will succeed or not long term but as far as browsers go it’s awesome.

  3. Bat is undoubtedly great. But unfortunately it’s only active users arewokepeople not plugged into the matrix. In order to grow and get adoption there will have to be a whole mindshift change orawakeningon an individual level. The advertisement industry is HUGE and feeds off these kind of people. If we can get people to use it, great for the world and humanity. If not i’m still in profit and i’m getting free Satoshis

  4. Were you paid buy BAT to do this video? Just curious. Thanks great info I think Crypto with working product makes a lot of since.👍🏼

  5. started watching this video on firefox.
    finished watching this video on brave.

    another great video, appreciate all your effort


  6. Brave browser simply blocks ads & rewards users with BAT tokens, but it does not use the blockchain to encrypt the browsing data. Mallicious applications on your browser or computer can still monitor your browsing data on Brave, even in “private” browsing mode

    Metalyfe.com browser is the 1st real blockchain browser because it seamlessly encrypts the browsing data on the blockchain, without hampering the user experience. Metalyfe is launching the Aion-based Lyfe coin to enable users to profit from their personal data through the Metalyfe Data Marketplace.

    Love the work you do keep it up!

  7. ragazzi, yesterday I told you I loved your videos, fuori da 145435435435 people publishing stuff you guys are good, I like you, please keep up the good word, BUT, as recommendation, please state on your videos if the video is or no a sponsor one, because to me, it does sound like a sponsor video. Sooner rather than later you guys will get an email and the temptation may be to much, but again, just my feedback. Thank you for your video, God bless you.

  8. I get you. This is not a sponsored video. I really do think that Brave is the best browser out there. We will always disclose paid reviews!

  9. Felix Efren brave is getting pretty big it’s on a lot of people’s radars. And no I’m not saying that because I own any BAT lol

  10. Love your channel. Been with you for a yr now. Keep ip the good infoI grabbed some BAT and got on Brave ad soon as i saw it few months ago….$

  11. I’ve been running Brave since 2017 when I put together a Linux machine, it’s only been getting better.

  12. It seems light on my phone compared to other browsers. I like the Brave’s ability to let the user know how many ads and scripts are being blocked, and the speed is faster than any other browser I’ve tried, from opera,
    Opera lite, Firefox and a couple others.

    That and I’m hodling a couple thousand BAT

  13. Been using Brave for a few months now, it’s awesome! Donating and no ads! You’ll love it!

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