Basic Attention Token Added To Coinbase! FLASH CRASH! Quello che è successo? [Crypto Notizie]

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Basic Attention Token listed on Coinbase! FLASH CRASH? What happened? Curious to know your thoughts!

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Basic Attention Token Added To Coinbase! FLASH CRASH! Quello che è successo? [Crypto Notizie]

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  1. Zcash – not going to be added. Too many issues with privacy vs SEC.

    Cardano – not ready = not going to coinbase yet.

    Stellare – is the only likely option.

    Augur and Elastos I think will be added over the next year.

  2. i wouldnt worry about people who are being negiative towards those videos, this channel is gold when it comes to knowledge value

  3. And I don’t mind criticism or a difference of opinion. Just want it to be constructive.

  4. I think these pump and dump profits on CB will eventually diminish with each new coin added over time.

  5. Thank you so much for these videos!! I love how you provide the resources you use. It helps so much!!

  6. Tutto apposto! Oh yeah I’m sure millions of people are going to want ads in their face. We all love ads. BAT to the moon

  7. U r providing a ton of value with these vids! Grazie! Ive recommend your channel to my noob crypto friends often to get them up to speed.

  8. You have to just ignore the naysayers. There’s no pleasing everyone. I think you guys are great and you’ve helped me a lot. I always make my own decisions, but it’s helpful to have more info to decide with.

    XLM has been one of my favs for a long time. I see a bright future for it for many reasons. It may bounce a bit with the CB addition, but I’m not going to try to sell into that. The tax implications make it not worth it. It’s one we can know will eventually go much higher, so I can let thebounce benefitsgo.

    I also hold ZEC and have had the same thoughts about it as the guy you quoted. Not happening, ancora. But worth holding with or without coinbase, since it’s a really solid team with a really solid coin. Even if someday it winds up only on DEXs, it is simply needed.

  9. Market place take your chances type of gaming- yes gaming- no regulation, no guarantees- take your chances! One of these days, the playing field will be a little more level, but until thenscrew the rich!

  10. +rortiz77 Yes, They have “T” addresses andZ” indirizzi. Just google it. Cool thing is, you can send from T to Z, Z to T, eccetera… BUT, the wallet has to support it. Attualmente, many wallets do not support theZaddress (that is the shielded, private, address). More will support it in the future, but it takes more computing power, which is why hardware wallets like Ledger can’t do it now.

  11. Coinbase has not giving me a BAT wallet on my Android App! Can you tell me why? Either way I like Binance alot better anyway. Great channel by the way! Grazie

  12. I thought that Stellar was a sidechain off of the XRP network.

    Can you explain why I’m wrong about that?

  13. +Steve T For now, one must run their own full node to send private transactions and make use of z-addresses. Zcash Company (Zookoo et. al) is working on alight-walletas we speak. They are eyeing a release date

  14. Appreciate your Videos and i found it the most valuable among other youtubers. 10 minutes long worth hours of researching if not more.

  15. +Altcoin Daily I do hahhaha
    btw I still don’t get what coinbase has against xrp ?
    do you have some insight on that ?

  16. I’m in the process of moving my assets from Coinbase. Have been customer for a long time but I will not support an anti-free speech company. Appreciate the video though.👍

  17. +easemailbox I’m down 13% 😬 I’ll give it another 2 days tops until I go into XLM to try to catch the coinbase rumor.

  18. +The Doctornaut That sucks, I am using my high tech algorithm (called guessing 😀 ) to think this is about the bottom and have just started putting orders on.

  19. +easemailbox I was going off an Instagram TAs vague call that since it dumped on listing that it’ll pump soon. Gotta learn I’m not a trader lol. Good thing you waited though, hope it works out for you on this one and otherwise.

  20. +The Doctornaut this is risky with BAT, just a game like the casino, would not put any serious money on it. Be careful of chasing XLM. I am already in XLM for a long time and will sell quite a lot of it when it hits Coinbase ASAP. I dont know if I would buy into xlm just to get that run, you should ask experts about the price. But good luck to you if you do. I have set up Google alerts about XLM & coinbase and have various other alerts set up so as I can sell at the right moment. If you buy in and miss the sell time you are stuck with XLM that you dont want. I want it, it is a long term hold that I love and if I sell I will buy back in with the money at a lower price so am not fussed if I miss the peak as i will gladly hodl the bag. Good talking to Doctor. In bocca al lupo.

  21. +easemailbox yeah I’m cool with holding BAT or XLM longer term, but I need to be careful chasing these gains in the meantime. Will likely move back into long-term holds and focus on means of generating fiat like a normal individual.

  22. Awesome vids Aaron. I’m fairly new to trading but fell in love with the ideals behind BAT and Brave early on and they were one of my first alcoins. I’m taking advantage of the correction and buying more to sit on for a while. Keep up the great works and is there any good vids that explain the candlestick charts? There is a lot of info in a concentrated area and I know I’m missing lots of useful info that is shown. Maybe you could break them down to their smallest tidbit? Keep it up and I appreciate what you are doing for crypto!

  23. So what would you say now that it’s painfully obvious Coinbase uses 9 fuori da 10 new listing to earn on insider trading?

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