Attenzione base Token: A Deep Dive!!! + Dow Jones News!

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
Today I wanted to do a deep dive on Basic Attention Token (BAT)! I think this cryptocurrency company has a big future and I wanna share with you why. Also we look at the Dow Jones Media Group's recent news to publish using Brave’s token!

Piace. sottoscrivi.

**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Attenzione base Token: A Deep Dive!!! + Dow Jones News!

26 Commenti

  1. buon posto. I’m invested in BAT. I see it growing at least to 8-9x from where we’re at nowHave you heard of Unetwork (UUU). Lesser known, Lower cap coin with decent volume. So much room for growth. I think it will be a BAT and STEEM competitor.

  2. Great piece , I also liked your top Chinese alt coins ….. Would love you to do a Japanese version

  3. Maybe next deep dive? I havent really spent time on it. I just threw money at it seeing if it does something

  4. BAT is good
    But dont buy now
    its ATH
    Thankyou for the video.
    Make a video on cryptos about to raise in sats value in this bullrun.

  5. Altcoin giornaliera
    Would like to see your objective research ! Your content , delivery & consistency is excellent …….. Amate il vostro spettacolo ! It’s a great tool for us out here
    Much Peace To You

  6. Hi Altcoin brothers. Great deep dive with good information. I am also already using the Brave browser and I really like it. BAT is on my radar for a while now and I am looking for a good moment to step in. Thanks again for the breakdown. Regards Rob

  7. Thanks Rob. Brave is quality. I definitely see BAT soaring when the bull run hits.

  8. I’ve heard positive titbits in the past but thank you for the deep dive on BAT 😊👍

  9. Absolutely Linn👍🏼 Planning to do more deep dives in the near future. What coins do you like?

  10. honesty speaking, now, trx and odessy are pumping and dumping. I now feel,trx and odessy are scum. I dumps odessy after x3 .
    they just keep pumping coins value to usd. I stay away from trx, ocn, and xvg.

  11. Hey Linn, If you are looking to invest in other cryptocurrencies, you should try NOAHcoin. One of their focuses is on the remittance system. Token exchange can be done through HITBTC, BTC Alpha, and Live Coin. Here’s their link

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