Bakkt Launching July 22nd | Bitcoin Explosion | Fundstrat to Clients: Acquista Bitcoin | Binance US

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Binance Says It’s Launching a US Exchange With FinCEN-Registered Partner

Binance Says It’s Launching a US Exchange With FinCEN-Registered Partner


Google Trends Shows Bitcoin Is About to Explode in South Korea


Jack Dorsey’s Square Makes First ‘Bitcoin Not BlockchainHire

Fundstrat to Clients: Bitcoin Dip Is Over,

Bakkt Names Launch Date for Bitcoin Futures Testing

Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView to Add New Cryptocurrency Index

Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView to Add New Cryptocurrency Index

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Bakkt Launching July 22nd | Bitcoin Explosion | Fundstrat to Clients: Acquista Bitcoin | Binance US

57 Commenti

  1. That would explain the price action on BNB over the last 48 ore. On a side note I’m curious to know your thoughts on EOS, considering its one of the bigger alts it really doesn’t seem to be holding its value. Most alts dump a bit when BTC is volatile but they usually return to normal after a day or two, not so with EOS it seems.

  2. Smh you have 3 months to take your coins off the current binance. Smh this is so messed up.

  3. Bakkt launch futures “testing”. That won’t be the launch of the futures platform though, no?

  4. Since I live in South Korea, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of those BTC searches would have been me before entering the office lol

  5. Sooo, yet another Bakkt announcement without regulatory approval confirmation….🙄. No wonder the BTC price hasnt pumped on the news.

  6. Thanks again for the video, may I ask what method you use for buying alt-coins?

    Do you transfer money into bitcoin and from there purchase the alt-coin or how?

    Many thanks form Ireland 🙂

  7. Probably now will need to send in seven forms of ID, all your bank and credit card statements for the past fifty years, notarized copies of your tax returns from birth and a blood sample to deposit or withdraw more than $0.05 in order to satisfy new AML and KYC regulations.

  8. I divorced my wife lately. She wanted half of my Bitcoin stash, so I gave her Bcash instead and told her that she can buy a yacht with it in the next couple of years..

  9. I was wondering what all the foreigners i see walking around seoul do for their living but i guess they buy bitcoin lol

  10. Binance just announced it will ban U.S. customers on Sept 2019. I guess they are trying to reroute people to the new exchange which will be regulated.

  11. Your wife WILL be able to buy a yacht with bitcoin cash when it takes the market cap lead. BTC is slow and expensive, come di solito.

  12. EOS just had so much hype before thebig announcementthat a sell off was inevitable. I think it will level off and be fine

  13. Per adesso. They could just set up some ridiculous policy where you can’t access your funds. If you don’t have your funds in your own wallet they really aren’t yours. Binance has been great for me, but with this latest news I’m seriously thinking of just getting my teeny stack out just in case they slam the door and keep my funds. It very well could happen.

  14. @Altcoin Daily I just finishing buying 5396 thas 20400 XRP100,000 Cardano
    In 2 more weeks I’m buying 10,000 IOTA and before the year ends I’m buying
    50000 Stellar plus I have 3951NEM

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