Sono Insiders Segretamente il caricamento su Bitcoin?

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Crypto Fear & Greed Index

The Future of the Grayscale Trust

Bitcoin di 2019 Price Run Driven By Real Transaction Growth, Analysis Shows

Bitcoin di 2019 Price Run Driven By Real Transaction Growth, Analysis Shows

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Sono Insiders Segretamente il caricamento su Bitcoin?

44 Commenti

  1. You have to be greedy. There are LESS than 21 Million available and time is running out. The DUMB Money, IMO, is the money that thinks making a few thousand dollars now and cashing out is some how better than holding off for the big pay off. When the REAL greed hits, we will wake up one morning and the majority of people will NOT be able to afford to buy even 1 whole Bitcoin. Perhaps not even half, a quarter, or even a tenth. At best, they will pick up the scraps and lament about how much BTC has flown in and out of their account over the past few years and yet today they have NONE. In boxing I think they call it getting caughtFlat FootedBitcoin is NOT stocks. It is real money. Se 10 years ago somebody had told you that you could buy 1 million dollars for less than $100 bucks you would have bought as many millions as you could afford. Tell me you wouldn’t? If you think I’m full of beans it’s because you don’t really believe in Bitcoin long term. You just think it is a trendy fad for trading and making short term profits. Why else would one not at least buy a few million Satoshi and sit on them for the next 5 – 10 anni? Not futures etc. Real BTC in YOUR WALLET in YOUR Possession. If BTC traders do not have some real BTC tucked away, right now, it’s just because they don’t really believe in it. Edit: When I say “tu” I mean the public in general and my comments are not directed at anyone in particular. I’m just making a general observation.

  2. Ovviamente , financial investors are crashing the price to load up and get their buddies to buy cheap..They don’t care about the average joe and happy when they selling , to buy more! bunch of greedy 🐷

  3. Ummm…sì! Dumb money sells. Smart money is buying. The barrage of FUD articles are put out to keep the uniformed and unresolved selling their digital assets.

  4. I’m a Hodl’er, I’m buying with they are selling, and when they are buying. I don’t plan to sell I like holding my bitcoin.

  5. @Altcoin Daily got some spare money to put into crypto. I have quite a nice spread now.

  6. Hey man. You description says how we shouldnt take you as an expert and to use you as like a ‘starting point’. But where do you think one should go to get a deep understanding, knowledge and trends of crypto etc.. Grazie.

  7. I’m not worried at buying at these levels 7.5 k to 8.0k. Who cares , time will come when it quickly reaches 50 k without warning and then normal people like me will be truly on the sidelines.

  8. just buy and hold. its very simple. this chart looks like it might be helpful in hindsight but today you look at this fear index and who knows what to do with that info.

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