Announcing Interstellar!! Stellar Acquires Blockchain Startup Backed by Visa [Crypto Notizie]

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
Lightyear has acquired Chain and is now called Interstellar. What does this mean to us as investors? I get into all that today. I think Stellar will be around for a while. Let me share with you why.

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***proprio opinione. Not financial advice.

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Announcing Interstellar!! Stellar Acquires Blockchain Startup Backed by Visa [Crypto Notizie]

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  1. Ive got fiat sitting and waiting. I wanna grab more ICX and ADA at these prices soooooo bad. But at the same time, i feel these damn whales are gonna pull us back more before liftoff.

  2. You should put all your videos on castbox as pod cast castbox is the first block chain pod cast platform I believe and they pay you if I’m not mistaken

  3. I just bought 1 Mill Vechain as these are sales prices you will not see again when btc goes up to the moon – 90% cheaper altcoinsbuy redsell green and this is the best timeI will be loading up as much as I can.

  4. Like you, if crypto goes on sale even deeper, I have fiat on hand to get more, both btc and alts. I just don’t know what to think about eth. Doubting whether to get any more, even at these prices. Starting to feel sketchy compared to the other alts. Thanks for today’s video.

  5. This official news gives indication that XLM will be joining the move to separate from the general Market tokens into a different space. They will be joining Ripple in this move as both will separate from market fluctuations. quando? who knows but seems the former a bit sooner

  6. I think I have expressed before that I’m bullish on Stellar because they are with IBM. This just makes me more so and I think their price seems to have stabilized. I love Stellar and hope they just keep going slow and sure. It will payoff!

  7. Newbie herecan anyone give advice on a platform to consider using. In the meantime I’ll search your posts for advice 👍🏼

  8. I look for percentage increases. (What i think would have the most percentage increase.) I don’t really have a timeframe though. For short term i look at if i think something can increase 800%, for long term i look at 15,000%. Esempio; i think Lamden $TAU is a project to see 15,000% gains. I do also see BTC hitting 15,000% that would put it just under a million dollars.. get on the McAfee bandwagon lol. Ontology now.. i like it, but i dont ever see it hitting 15,000% so i’ll put it in my 800% bracket. (I’ll take profits when it hits that mark.) This is what i do with all my positions. Most importantly is to have a plan and stick to your guns.

  9. I converted all my crypto back to usd to wait out the etc bs. Will buy back into btc and xlm when I think we are at the bottom. I love ada but some predictions of it going to zero are disconcerting. ETFs will be bad for crypto and will do the same thing to the market that they did to gold and silver. The BAKKT however should be a positive development.

  10. I own xlm. It has great future to be a major altcoin soon. Excellent management and technology foundation are the key factors to be success in this industry. Thank you for the great news on xlm.

  11. do a review on WEBCHAIN.NEtwork…. the cheapest coin you find for its quality of project. severely undervalued

  12. You are spot on with Stellar, they are the dark horse, that will finish the B/C race in 1st position!! Great article, Aloha!

  13. It’s definitely flow under the radar great work again team … when’s the altcoindaily coin coming out ?? Haha shouldn’t laugh it may actually be a reality one day who knows right Austin

  14. I invested in 6 alt coins and stellar is the only one that is still up in value despite the bear market.

  15. I am not a financial advisor so you’ll have to make your own decisions. Per me, I think stellar is a great buy at the moment.

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