STUPEFACENTE: Bitcoin Media Explosion! Mark Cuban RIPS INTO GOLD & BTC!!! Litecoin in TROUBLE?? [Crypto]

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Mark Cuban Says Gold And Bitcoin Are Equally Useless

Exciting Developments Coming Soon for Binance US

Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Says New Crypto Smartphone Will Support LTC

LTC Foundation chat leaked: no evidence of development, lack of transparency

LTC Foundation chat leaked: no evidence of development, lack of transparency a partire dal CryptoCurrency

rottura: ZCASH Getting Removed from Coinbase in the U.K.

rottura: ZCASH Getting Removed from Coinbase in the U.K.

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STUPEFACENTE: Bitcoin Media Explosion! Mark Cuban RIPS INTO GOLD & BTC!!! Litecoin in TROUBLE?? [Crypto]

55 Commenti

  1. What’s up Austin! Just wanted to say the consistently awesome content is much appreciated 🙌🏼

  2. Sam I am revealed this LTC info couple months ago. Happy to see Cuban’s into BTC..Big time..👍👍

  3. Just got home from work and watched this awesome video, Grazie. About to buy some ₿ right now. You guys have a good thing going keep it up.👊🏼

  4. I hope the popularity of BTC reaches the ears of soccer players, especially Ronaldo and Messi.

  5. Thanks for the videoo
    This weekend DIYfor me ..
    What about you guys what you doing?

  6. This information doesn’t change the Litecoin fundamentals.

    Sell your Litecoin and buy them back at a much higher price later in the year!🤔

  7. How I’m spending the weekend? Drank one to many manahattans last note, woke up on the couch fully clothed about 5am, sunlight streaming in. Wen’t to bed. got up at 11am, now watching Altcoin daily.
    Happy to hear the LTC news. I’m all about BTC this time, so anything that drives more liquidity to BTC id fine by me. Shared.

  8. Gold beat the stock market significantly since 2000
    Bitcoin annihilated the stock market since 2010.

    and this dude hates them both?

  9. @Les Btc without LTC there was no segwit and as such no LN on BTC . LTC will always have value .

  10. Just chillin in the car on my day off smoking a. Blunt and looking at some altcoin daily . Great show bro🙌🏿

  11. I sold my litecoin stack when it was $115/coin and just recently bought litecoin at $82/coin putting every penny profit back into litecoin.

  12. I like warren buffett opinion on gold..but my opinion..stock market, real estate/land, bitcoin..split it however u want

  13. You are the smart brother for holding LTC. Dont worry about the developers on LTC. They are working onnthe BTC block. BTC/LTC are one in the same. Like gold and silver. Just be patient bro.

  14. @FuckILoveYouTubby TECH CASH HOUSE..BTC Youtuber..recent show. . lCuban says BTC rather than gold.. he sad it while being interviewed

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