Altcoin Aggiornamenti: Twitter Edition – Electroneum, EOS, Ethos Airdrops, Syscoin [criptovaluta]

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,

Today I wanna share with you the most relevant cryptocurrency/altcoin updates.. Let me know in the comments what you think?

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Altcoin Aggiornamenti: Twitter Edition – Electroneum, EOS, Ethos Airdrops, Syscoin [criptovaluta]

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  1. Latin America and Asia are their target because they are trying to introduce crypto currencies to the unbanked. Part of their mass adoption goal

  2. I just installed the Ethos wallet app (I am from the Netherlands), first impression is good. Would be nice if you could import your portfolio values into the Ethos wallet app, because I don’t feel like manually entering all crypto buys.

  3. Tipo, you are the vloger presenting opinions about cryptos and don’t know much about top 100 monete? Wtf?

  4. frenkynofuzz hmm thanks for the input. I guess I just talk about coins that I like. Believe me if you’ve watched my other recent videos on EOS you would not say they sounds like a commercial. Anche, I said I am not a believer in Electroneum..

  5. Yess Rob. Appreciate the input. Sounds promising. Will you be staying with it or switching back to your previous wallet?

  6. Stephen hmm thank for the feedback. Not my intent. sì. I guess I do talk about coins that I’m invested in a lot. Not because I’m invested, just because im passionate about them.

  7. It’s not an infomercial if you can profit from them too. Just buy the coins that people are talking about

  8. Adam S. I’m just a guy. Not an expert. And I’ll always be the first one to tell you. You do know Syscoin?

  9. Just found this channel few days ago. Really enjoy watching ur videos guys. Keep it up 🙂

  10. love seeing how you analyze the market in real time and how you reach to your conclusions. perhaps you can dedicate a whole video to that process. thanks for the great content. i’m pretty familiar with how trading works in general but want to learn this market well enough. you meet that demand.

  11. VISION thank you for your input. si apprezzare. For sure, I can definitely do that

  12. Altcoin Daily Coin Telegraph, dan Laramier, coindesk to name a few. Still looking for more.

  13. Byteball Bytes has a big announcement next week. I know because I work for them. Will open the platform to another community of more than one million users already familiar with crypto

  14. Waiting for review of Hydro Austin 😉 take a look at top gainers. Hydro is building real tech

  15. Nevermind go for Electroneum and EOS instead they need that more than us. Dont need it anyway 😉 thanks for considering though.

  16. anti globalist really? That’s good to hear. Yeah they really did well today.

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