Altcoin giornaliera: The TRUTH about ELECTRONEUM (ETN)- Follow Up!!!! Centralized or Decentralized??

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
Today I wanted to do a follow up on a Deep Dive video I did last week on Electroneum.

Altcoin giornaliera: The TRUTH about ELECTRONEUM (ETN)- Calling Out Jeff From Altcoin Buzz?

I got a lot of flack on that video, so I did some more research. In today's follow up I will primarily be addressing:
Is Electroneum(ETN) centralized or decentralized? E, if centralized, to what extent?

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**Not financial advice. proprio opinione.

Altcoin giornaliera: The TRUTH about ELECTRONEUM (ETN)- Follow Up!!!! Centralized or Decentralized??

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

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  1. That’s the whole point of ETN, they never denied it is a mining experience, they’re aiming on mass adoption. But as you said a lot of guys out there take it a little to serious if you say negative things about etn.

  2. On coinmarketcap underneath the coin rank, it says Mineable in orange. Any coin that is mineable by the public will say that oncoinmarketcap, FYI. So ETN right now has a circulating supply of 6.3 Billion ETN and the Max Supply is 21 Billion ETN that will ever exist. All of the remainder of the supply will be mined by the public (decentrata) . That is approximately 30% mined and 70% left to mine which will take many years. The reserves held by Electroneum for mobile mining were mined along with the ICO coins.
    The expected USD value per Mobile Miner per month is actually $3. Remember that is huge for the mass adoption demographic in developing countries. And it is a more sustainable fiure for the company to make last.
    On a sidenote about the mining- from my understanding ETN is very decentralized as the coin uses an algorithm that can be mined on CPU, regular desktop and laptop computers, as well as GPUs and expensive rigs. This adds security and a decentralizing force for the network since it is more accessible for regular people to mine.

  3. People forget about all the bugs in the earlier days of Bitcoin, Ethereum, eccetera.

    Patience in these frustrating times will pay huge dividends to those who keep cooler heads.

  4. While it may not be easy to find now, they have been transparent about all of these issues from the start. As memory serves:

    *Roughly 1/3 of ETN was sold in the ICO
    *in giro 1/3 of ETN were premined and held for mobile mining air drops
    *in giro 1/3 of ETN will be mined by CPU or GPU using the cryptonight algo as ETN is a Monero fork
    *200M ETN were held for the dev team

    So yes, ci sono 6 or 7billion ETN set aside for the mobile mining experience and the company will have to balance the air drops to not saturate the market while providing worthwhile mobile “mining”.

    And yes, there are a lot of noobs involved with ETN, which is a hugely positive sign to me as it means they have already been successful in introducing many people to crypto. Regardless of where the price goes, ETN is poised to bring more people into crypto than any other project I’ve seen.

  5. Interessante…yeah I wish the team could have just responded to my emails with this kind of info

  6. Do youre research even satoshi would love to have something like a mobile miner back then because he actually did´t like gpu mining.

  7. If this youtuber can only compare Ripple to ETN and tell us the difference, which one is centralized or not/. I would subscribe to his channel immidiately and promote his channel but he basically telling that premined airdrop coins makes a coin a centralized one ahhahahaBasically it is for marketing ploy to get more people get into the system

  8. The mobile mining is centralized, because the coins are distributed based on being a part of a cloud service. But the actual mining that still needs to be done is decentralized. There are actually a decent amount of people mining ETN.

  9. The 21B total supply includes the mobile mining coins, which from memory, is around 5B-6B coins.
    No more than $30USD worth of ETN will be airdropped per user per month.
    Obviously as the value of ETN goes up, less coins will be airdropped so those calculations are way out.

    Imo the reason there is such a huge following is because once people do their research, they come to realize this team has accounted for everything we can think of (including your questions in this video) and recognise the ingenuity and humongous potential of Electroneum.

  10. Altcoin Daily they are too busy taking over the world haha
    But seriously, it must be hard for them to answer the same questions all the time when they have put the answers out already. Did you look at the blog section of their website?

  11. No, no, and no. Ci sono 2 billion ETN reserved for mobile mining. Ci sono 21 billion coins in total with 6.3 billion ETN in circulation. There was 5 billion at beginning of January so maybe 4 billion after ICOless than 20%.

    But I agree this will get massive numbers of people into mining. I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I assumed mining was simply for big dogs with warehouses and hundreds of GPU’s and ETN made me realize the power of mining at home on CPU’s & GPU’S. I now have 12 GPU’s since December and plan on getting a few more rigs set up in the spring.

  12. Maybe you are just being not attentive to it………. there you go……. hopefully will clear some doubts.

  13. Bel video. I’m not fanatical about ETN, but there is some information you are missing. ETN is mined using the CryptoNight algorithm just like Monero. So there are a large number of individual miners using GPU and and CPU mining rigs, and the reward level at the moment is not bad. I have 515 monete, e 500 of those I purchased on Cryptopia. The other 15 I mined with CPU and GPU on a PC just to get a feel for it. Così, there is a decentralized mining component to the coin. I’m suspicious of the long term success of ETN simply because I’m not sure Proof of Work is a good thing for a coin that wants mass adoption as a currency instead of just being another store of value.

  14. Good info Bren. sono d'accordo, as A noob myself, I’m very attracted to the simplicity of this coin. BTW, we must be related

  15. Great and logical video about ETN. Now answering your question, you cannotmine” con più di 5 devices (mobile phones) for the same IP address or wallet. però, this still does not completely solve the problem, since people can use different SIM cards and wallets for different devices. But basically this restriction makes it a little harder to mine from multiple devices.

    Anche, the technical white paper is back online and we can see some sentences about ETN being centralized/decentralized:

    The mobile mining experience is the only part of Electroneum that is a centralized system and not a decentralized
    one. We’ve taken the view that whilst the Electroneum blockchain is a decentralized system, it is only fully decentralized
    in all other aspects outside the mobile app and mobile mining experience. We’ve taken the view that the posit” (Taken from page 7~ 8 from Technical ETN White Paper)

  16. its all good bro, I’ve been aware of this too. I don’t really see too much of a problem with it. it can serve as a low grade centralized airdrop experience but folks may enlighten themselves to the potential about crypto along the way. great channel sub’d.

  17. People don’t like honesty. I am invested in electroneum. But it is not real mining. They admit that and don’t hide that. Real mining would kill your phone. They want to create a way to introduce people into crypto that wouldn’t otherwise get involved. Richard talks about this in interviews. Hes said its not real mining and said he does not hide this.

  18. You bring up a really good point about themobile minerfraud possibilities. Sound rationale in your video.

  19. yes.i agreed with central is not real mobile is mining experience. they are just playing with grammar right there! they didn’t want to use the word simulation. I don’t know how the investors will make money in this type of project.This guys are so dillussional that they want to hear honest criticism of electroneum. they are fools.bro.keep on doing your great work.i am supporting you.

  20. I like unbiased reviews especially from an actual investor. I will say there are some cryptocurrencies that have pre-mined coin reserved for the development team to make profit later. So I don’t have a problem with pre-mined coins being air dropped to the user community for the sole purpose of user adoption. Effectively that means a greater ROI for all investors. I actually have done pool mining for ETN and direct mining as well. I am mining to this day because I believe in the project. Now I heard RUMORS that Electroneum was backing off of the $30 per month and that may be directly related to the issue you spoke about to keep users from running multiple phones and protecting the coin from a simple pump and dump operation. Sorry so long but thanks for the video.

  21. I gave a thumbs up. Dont forget that these tokens are supposed to go up in value. The more they are worth the more they can be divided amongst miners

  22. GREAT Dude, the way to go, just give out the info, the good, the bad and the ugly. The best advise is alway proceed with caution.

  23. As long as you are telling the truth, don’t worry about those haters. You are only helping people like me that has no clue to learn from you. God bless ☺️

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