Altcoin giornaliera: Bitcoin’s Future? How I Made My Money in Cryptocurrency!!!

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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
I did some research on the history of the market and wanted to share my findings. A lot of you have been asking how I made my money in crypto and I wanted to share with you my strategy.
I look at two main things:
1) Is this company solving a problem/ have a future?
2) What is the history of the market in general?

After researching these two things I then decide whether to keep holding or to take a profit. In entrambi i casi, I never sell at a loss.

**Just opinions. Not a financial advisor.

Altcoin giornaliera: Bitcoin's Future? How I Made My Money in Cryptocurrency!!!

5 Commenti

  1. Good video, like the historical graphs, now we know not to be impatient if total market cap is still only 500 billion in May this year

  2. video eccellente! Precisely what I have been looking at and thinking recently. Yes you can’t tell the future but you can make a bloody good informed and educated guess…. based on historical performance.

  3. Hey man I’m really interested to hear your opinion on Populous. It’s my number one coin.

  4. all these hyped up people with ETN today on other channels are forgetting one thing, its still a flat crypto market for a bit longer, their lambos havent even been built yet

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