Bitcoin CRASHING BAWAH $5,000!! | BTC belum pernah ini Oversold Di RSI, Bounce dekat??

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Analisis Teknis Bitcoin & Bitcoin News Today: Harga Bitcoin yang menabrak di bawah $5,000 karena saya menulis ini. Kami bertemu target $ 5k, sehingga akan kita lihat bouncing sekarang? Saya akan menggunakan analisis teknis pada harga Bitcoin untuk membuat prediksi harga Bitcoin. Tonton video untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut!

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Bitcoin CRASHING BAWAH $5,000!! | BTC belum pernah ini Oversold Di RSI, Bounce dekat??

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  1. We appreciate the prompt updates. You’re the most relevant guy in the crypto space at the moment. Keep it up 👍👍👍

  2. Happy i switched to XRP was sure this will come. BTC is history sorry to say but its usecase is pure crap and 80% is mined in China so forget it.

  3. Feel like the bears needed to get this out their system and although I am a perma-bull in the long-term, I felt this capitulation needed to happen as well. No where to go from here but the moon!

  4. Everyone has their price. Sad thing is, the longer you guys hold out, the closer to that price we get, then when you sell the price keeps going lower, and the short traders get richer

  5. i think you are looking for an established stable coin that has laws and rules that can be regulated, if im not mistaken its called the USDa smart government would get their engineers to go and contribute to the source code as it is open sourcedthe best idea winsgame theory cant work with a centralized coin and it takes away the basis of cryptoTRUSTLESS

  6. the moon and crypto kirby trading the only realistic channels on youtube,the rest are digital standup comedians!

  7. It’s definitely oversold in the very short term, but the magnitude tells me that after a dead cat bounce we will see another 50% drop before a bull run starts

  8. Im happy we are seeing all this volatility again. I was more nervous at that sideways standoff. The more it drops now the better.

    Not worried. Infact, buying more.

  9. Erfinde Dich Neu i think on the weekly timeframe we had a lower RSI before. Once we get to that level we might be looking at a reversal at least that what happened on 2015.

  10. Baik, finally it happened after this week we should have only strong holder. Great day, i can see the moon is coming more quickly as i thougt two days ago.

  11. saya setuju. I think BTC will rise again over the long term but this current bear did need a shakeout as, even though people were depressed, they were not out. People are now getting completely shook out and this is what is needed to start rising again. Capitulation in action? I thought we may have hit bottom back in June. jelas, that part was wrong, but I did always think that we still had a ways to go before this bear was finished. We’re definitely seeing that now!

  12. +The Moon XRP is the direction TPTB are moving its been planned for long time TPTB never lose ever !!!!!!!!! So join them !!!!!!!!

  13. I hope you’re right but the market will decide. It may be in bear market fo another month or another year (like it has in the past). Institutions will not save us. They want certainty and they will wait (or push it down themselves) until price is much lower than now imo

  14. The Catmother – I don’t truly see “blood on the streets”. You’ll know when because *everyone* will be declaring the end of cryptothat’s when we can get ready to go back up. Right now we’re just getting started on the desperation.

  15. +Holy Thor yeah just like a federal reserve/USD model 2.0, great investment in the short- medium-term but then centralization will be an issue

  16. Shiva Shanker – The XRP protocol doesn’t allow any more than the original 100 billion XRP to be created. And it has a *very* strong use case, possibly the strongest in crypto right now.

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