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Hashflare Cloud Mining Review

We tested the provider Hashflare for you. We share this review of our Hashflare experiences. We invest our own money in the respective providers and show you the results transparently. The provider Hashflare we have currently identified as one of the best mining providers in terms of value for money.

Hashflare cloud mining

We currently have 1000.39 TH/s SHA-256 Bitcoin Mining

Due to the very good results at the supplier Hashflare, we have put on a lot by buying additional. In total, we have invested about $ 150,000 in mining at Hashflare. In the following explanations you can see our currently booked service:

In the following graphic we show you the current mining results per TH/s:

Hashflare experiences
As you can see, we currently receive approx. 0.00014428 BTC (Bitcoin) per booked TH/s before deducting the maintenance costs. That’s about 0.14 BTC (bitcoin) a day at just under 1000 TH/s. Here you can see the result less maintenance costs:

hashflare mining result

Here again in numbers, from 0,14011852 Bitcoin are deducted us for maintenance 0,02317,904. The result is thus: 0.11693948 BTC per day. After all, 1288.87 USD a day with current exchange rate – 11021.70 USD (26.01.2018)

Hashflare experiences with the support

We have had very good hashflare experiences with the support so far. Reaction times of two days should be scheduled by you. Basically, however, we see the openness of the provider in terms of different support channels and a well-maintained Facebook page as a big plus.

Especially great is the openness regarding the people behind the company. Hardly a cloud provider deals so openly with it. It is always good to know who you are talking to at the other end.

Hashflare experiences with the backoffice or the website

The website is fast and the back office is highly professional. So far, there is no cloud provider where you can make so many settings. If maintenance work is carried out on the website, the provider will provide information on the website and on Facebook, exemplary.

Experience with the results of mining

Of course, Hashflare is highly recommended as the current winner of our Cloud Mining. We are very satisfied with the results. In this review and in the comparison you can see our results. If you have had good or bad experiences with this provider, feel free to contact us.

First-hand experience reports

In test reports, we rely only on our own hashflare experiences. You will find a receipt for each of our statements in the form of screenshots on our website. We have invested real money in the respective accounts and only report real results. A transparent test procedure is very important to us. Only one supplier that we have tested and tested ourselves is presented and evaluated by us.

Experience with payout on hashflare

Of course, in the end, the issue of payouts is the most important. Only a provider of real results from the numbers in the back office generates a good and reputable provider. We can confirm this fact with Hashflare on the basis of our own experience. Within 5 minutes our Bitcoin were on our wallet. Also in this regard, we can only recommend the cloud mining provider.

Our Hashflare Review

Of course, in addition to our own experience, we also conducted a detailed review by search engine. Of course, we search the Internet for SCAM, fraud, or words like rip-off. Particularly in the English-speaking world, where cloud mining is already better known, there is more experience.

The result of our hashflare review

In the German and international search as well as on YouTube, we did not find any negative experiences with Hashflare. On all platforms, the provider is praised as serious and profitable. It seems like Hashflare has not made too big mistakes with its customers. Of course, we haven’t only relied on these testimonials but also successfully conducted a test with our own money.

hashflare start

Author: Alexander Weipprecht
As a trained IT specialist for application development, he has been advising leading software companies for more than 10 years. Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly important to businesses and investors. Alexander wants to give all people easy access to matter.