Komodo PlatformPrivacy Coin Meet Smart Contracts

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What makes Komodo Platform so interesting?

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Komodo PlatformPrivacy Coin Meet Smart Contracts

35 ટિપ્પણીઓ

  1. Glad to see people finally figuring Komodo out.
    The back-end tech is among the most powerful of blockchain projects on the market.
    The front-end (the part that we common users actually use) is starting to catch up, now that the back-end is working.
    It’s a great project, with a great cause (the Right to Barter in Private). Thanks for giving it some attention!

  2. 7:22 : I think the dPoW consensus mechanism deserves a bit more explanation than just mentioning it’s mineable, I find it to be a brilliant feature.

    I believe it to be a great innovation and strength of the Komodo Platform. And it’s actually easier to explain than you make it sound aha ;). You have two layers of Proof-of-Work, your regular run of the mill one, and then the so-calleddelayedone.

    What it does is record (અથવા “notarize”) the current state of the Komodo blockchain into the Bitcoin blockchain. This second layer is achieved by what are called Notary Nodes, which are a special kind of community-elected nodes.

    The consequence is that, as long as you’re willing to wait for your transaction to be Notarized, it will be as secure as the Bitcoin blockchain. Pretty neat for a $200M marketcap coin.

    If I may here’s my take on a Komodo investment: https://medium.com/@sylvainartplayribes/komodo-investment-thesis-55cf57c8a85 , where I highlight and explain which features in particular I feel are noteworthy.


  3. Komodo is definitely underrated and will surprise a lot of people next year, along with Lisk who I think will be the go to platform with Ethereum, Komodo will be up there too, both Lisk & Komodo will surpass Neo, Lisk/Komodo have the teams to compete with Ethereum, even though I wouldn’t call them competition, we need multiple platforms. 🙂 If you’re not in these, get in early, do your own research of course.

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