Bitcoin BEAR Trend | South America BTC Volume RECORD!! | Global Real Estate Crash Imminent!

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Anailís Teicniúil Bitcoin & Bitcoin News Sa lá atá inniu: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Féach ar na físeáin níos mó a fhoghlaim!

0:47 Anailís Bitcoin
7:13 South America BTC
9:45 BTC Revolution
13:15 Real Estate Crash

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Bitcoin BEAR Trend | South America BTC Volume RECORD!! | Global Real Estate Crash Imminent!

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  2. Can anyone tell me what he say at beginning where he saysif you fefafesfffffffff

  3. Insightful and great analysis Carl. As always, well conveyed. I support your hypotheses and the evidential support is growing daily. Go raibh maith agat.

  4. thanks Carl, i know it must be hard to keep putting the work in, but please know how much i wait to hear from you each dayas do thousands of others around the world.

  5. THE GREAT QUIET BEFORE THE STORMYOU KNOW WHEN THE WIND BLOWS, AND BLOWS HARD, THEN SUDDENLY, NOTHINGTHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOSEor the absolute peace in the center of a tornadowatch out, the worst is yet to comecapitulation

  6. I second these sentiments. Keep up the good work Carl! If you get a chance Carl, please read my comment on your vid a few days ago regarding the Bitcoin Adoption Paradox. Wouldreallyliketoknowyourthoughts… 🙂

  7. that ithinkyoushoulddefinitelyweekwatcingthisvideo it never gets old. thank you again Carl for the video!

  8. I’m starting to believe we already hit bottom at 3150. The price actions we’ve seen in recent time periods (especially the dip wick we formed that happened after this video) suggests this is nothing more than whales manipulating the bots to dump their coins cheap. This is the #1 reason it is so difficult to place lines and find patternsthere are none. It’s pure manipulation by whales against the bots. I’m expecting a significant price explosion to the up side very very soon. If that sounds interesting to you, youshoulddefinitelykeepwatchingthischart

  9. Btc trading is highly volatile asset and speculation, TA, fundamental analysis is all airhow can anyone predict a whale dropping billions on the market or at least human emotion?… good luck

  10. Carl, I’m Venezuelan and I explain what is happening in Venezuela and with LocalBitcoin. There is an Exchange-rate regime so the Venezuelan can not buy any other currency than the Bolivar or the Petro (scam), before there was a black market where you could buy USD at a much higher rate than the official one. The government began to close the bank accounts of those companies or people who were engaged in the black market. Today the only alternative is to buy P2P in LocalBitcoin, but the reality is that Venezuelans do not keep Bitcoin, they sell it for USD. They are just using Bitcoin as a means to collect dollars. It is a real use that is adopted as a mechanism to evade government rules, but not as a means of payment in shops or as a SoV.
    Thanks for everything you do

  11. So here’s what happened. We all saw that spike down before we went up. Some whales aka one or more exchanges sold to trigger stop losses around 3500 and at the same time trigger buy orders below 3500 causing the spike up. These whales arent here to make money on the price of btc going up to record highs years to come. They are making more money manipulating the market taking the masses lunch money. Play it safe and keep your money in fiat until 2k.

  12. +The Moon Same goes with me. I have a routine I watch your videos every night in Australia. Very knowledgeable, keep the great work up!

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